Against China, Japanese and Indian leaders celebrate their fraternity.

Since his arrival in power end 2012, Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister had no exchanges with Chinese leaders. He has not received any leader from Beijing and was never invited her large neighbour. On the other hand, when the new Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, arrived last Saturday in Kyoto, for an official visit of five days in the Islands, the head of the Japanese Government moved in the ancient capital of the country to host a brace virile, far removed from the traditional coldness of the local Protocol. Hosted it a grand banquet, a tea ceremony and, then, accompanied him in his visits of temples. Narendra Modi will even chained the good words about golf that Shinzo Abe practice with passion. And as soon as they have it, the two leaders have pointed to their great brotherhood and especially their solidarity against what they perceive as the ‘threat’ Chinese. Yesterday, speaking in Tokyo before Japanese businessmen, Narendra Modi explained that Tokyo and New Delhi needed now to promote, together, a prosperity based on peaceful economic development sharp with the expansionist projects with other nations in the region. "All around us, we perceive an expansionist mindset worthy of the 18th century where it is encroaching on the territory of other countries or to interfere in their maritime zones", hammered the Indian Prime Minister, in a thinly-veiled recent condemnation Chinese territorial flare-ups. Like Japan, the India faces, on its borders, more and more supported claims of communist power and seeks to boost its defence as its network of alliances capabilities. In the evening, at the end of their Summit, Shinzo Abe and Narendra Modi have also announced that they would strengthen their military cooperation. Their armies will meet more regularly for joint exercises and New Delhi hopes to take advantage, quickly, Japanese military technologies, that Tokyo was long forbidden to export. The India inter alia, accelerated negotiations to acquire relief and monitoring ‘US-2′ amphibious aircraft built by nippon industrial ShinMaywa. To consolidate this strategic rapprochement, the two countries also intend to boost their economic exchanges that remain low. Last year, trade between the two countries was only $ 15.8 billion when the flow of goods between the India and China exceeded the,. 65 billion dollars. Yet, the potential is huge, notes Rajiv Biswas, Chief Economist of IHS in Asia. "The multinational Japanese interested more in addition to the 1.2 billion population of the India and the thrust of its middle class. ” They see the country a potential hub for investments in the development of infrastructure, energy projects or manufacturing bases,"said the analyst who note that these sectors correspond precisely to priority sites of the new Indian Executive, which promises to facilitate the foreign companies ‘ facilities. . Inspirational facts can be found reading the following

Threat of new sanctions: Putin calls the European common sense.

Russian president Vladimir Poutine called Monday to sense the Europeans, who have threatened Moscow new sanctions this week for his alleged involvement in the Ukrainian crisis. I hope that common sense will prevail (,.) and that neither we, nor our partners are going to cause damage with these respective spikes, he said, quoted by Russian agencies, at a meeting in the far East. The threat of new sanctions, and the continuation of fighting in Ukraine continued to weigh Monday on Russian financial markets already shaken weekend last by increasingly numerous accusations of Russian military intervention in Ukraine and the fear of open war between the two countries. The ruble fell Friday to a level never seen against the greenback sank Monday, the dollar amount up 37.46 rubles. The euro has crossed the threshold of the 49 rubles for the first time since early May and reached 49,23 rubles. The market remains focused on geopolitical risks, noted analysts at VTB Capital. It is clear that such an environment darkens the prospects in the short term. The fall of the Russian currency threatened to increase inflation, already at more than 7% due to the Ukrainian crisis. The price increase should also be boosted by the embargo imposed by Moscow on most food products from countries which the sanction. The Moscow stock market indices were evolving in a disorganised: towards 10 H 00 GMT, the Micex (denominated in rubles) index gained 0.05% but RTS (in dollars) declined by 1.07%. They had fallen Thursday and Friday, investors preparing the European Council of the weekend and the eventual announcement of new sanctions against the Russian economy already on the edge of recession. The Europeans have finally timed, giving a week to the Russia to change course, while multiply accusations of Russian military intervention in the East of the Ukraine. The Russian Minister of economy Alexei Oulioukaev warned last week that Moscow had already prepared retaliatory against Westerners if new sanctions measures, in addition to the food embargo which deprives farmers of an important market. The Russia did not intend to slam the door, but will defend its economy (,.) and draw the conclusions from the actions of our partners, said Monday Foreign Minister Sergueï Lavrov. The escalation of sanctions has caused significant capital flight and limits the access of certain companies, including large public banks to Western financial markets. The decline in the currency and economic uncertainty begins to weigh on consumption. The Government officially expects growth of 0.5% this year after 1.3 percent last year, but an official of the Ministry of finance said last week that it would be most probably virtually zero. In all cases, it is far from 7% to 8% growth rates that characterized the first two mandates of Vladimir Poutine in the early 2000s. On the other hand, the industry supports activity including because locally replace imported production until then to Ukraine. Overall, Russian industry proves surprisingly resistant face headwinds, said Alexandre Morozov, Chief Economist at HSBC, in a note published Monday. According to him, the substitution of imports could sustain production in the short term but such a policy traditionally increases long-term costs and weighs on consumption and therefore on the economy. . Additional text can be found visiting reference.

Injured Argentine: Messi doubtful for the Germany game.

: Football rules the free kick spray used at the World Cup in Brazil to celebrate now but faster premiered in the Bundesliga. We To want to introduce the spray as soon as possible. From mid-September, our referee be trained first. No later than the beginning of October the free kick spray can be used then, said Herbert Fandel, the Chairman of the referees Committee in the German Football Association (DFB), the image. The introduction of the resource was last postponed after concerns on the part of the referee. Originally the spray should have come at the start of the Bundesliga to the usage. The experience at the World Championships has been absolutely positive. Spain La Liga and Ligue 1 is the spray since the beginning of the season, also in the Champions League and Europa League may be sprayed. Soccer, 2 Liga: When second division movers should make the leap in the German Bundesliga RB Leipzig, sporting Director Ralf Rangnick wants its double function as a Sports Director at the Saxony and the Austrian Champions Red Bull Salzburg to give up and worry only about the Saxons. Because it is then Of course also No more, thats already borderline, the 56-year old in the show talk and gates at Sky sport Austria said. In addition the referred to former coach of VfB Stuttgart and from 1899 Hoffenheim to any problems, when Leipzig and Salzburg should qualify for the same international competition: I can be not Sports Director for two clubs that may play both internationally. That would be excluded. Rangnick has 2012 for Red Bulls soccer stores in Leipzig and Salzburg responsible. During this time, Leipzig ascended Bundesliga from the Regionalliga in the second. Salzburg won the Austrian Championship in the previous season. The Club failed however, in the seventh attempt to qualify for the Champions League on Wednesday. Cricket internationals: The Netherlands third must waive Robben (Bayern Munich) and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (Schalke 04) Arjen in the first two soccer matches of the new season the Bundesliga trio Rafael van der Vaart (Hamburger SV). The National Federation KNVB announced on Sunday evening that seals due to ankle problems and Huntelaar due to illness in the crew quarters travelled van der Vaart due to a muscle injury, to Noordwijk. Van der Vaart injury contracted SC Paderborn (0-3) on Saturday in the Bundesliga match against. A calf damage the World Cup in Brazil had Miss van der Vaart already. Robben and Huntelaar had not only contributed to the 1:1 in the duel of their clubs. The Netherlands test against four-time world champions Italy in Bari on Thursday. On 9 September she denies their first qualifying game for the European Championship Elftal against Czech Republic in Prague then 2016 in France. Golf, FedEx: Germany’s best golfer Martin Kaymer fell slightly after a neat third round at the second play-off tournament to the FedEx Cup, but continued playing to a top ranking. The 29-year-old from Mettmann played a 70 on the pay-71 course and slipped with a total of 207 hits for six spots on rank 16. Russell Henley (United States), which a 65 followed his 66 from previous day with now 201 strokes at the top is new leading the tournament on the TPC Boston. Henleys compatriot Billy Horschel is second (202), ranked three is the world no. Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland/203). 100 pros vying for the jackpot of $10 million (7.58 million euros). The best 70 of overall qualify for the third tournament in Denver. KAYMER had clearly failed to kick off in Paramus after two rounds at the cut, occupied but endowed tournament in Massachusetts the 23 in the FedEx Cup – ranking before with eight million dollars (6.1 million euros).  Place. Horseback riding, WM: The German equestrian team has won riding Championships in Normandy gold, Sandra Auffarth and Michael Jung won gold and silver also in the singles. The German team totaled 177.9 points for dressage, cross-country and jumping and referred to United Kingdom (198.8) and the Netherlands (245,8) confidently on the places two and three. In addition, Sandra Auffarth ensures the second individual gold in the World Cup history for the German versatility. The 27-year-old came up with the gelding Opgun Louvo 52.0 counter and referred to place the deposed titleholder Michael Jung (Horb) with spare horse Rocaná (52.3). Young won the only victory of the German single 2010 in Kentucky/United States. Bronze went to the leading before jumping British chilli morning (54.3) mikt William Fox-Pitt. . For more regarding this topic read

The Jews of France, don’t you offense.

In recent weeks, the press hammered: Jews of France. They are right to be afraid? They are worried for their safety and power, recalled one here or there, in the comments. But anti-Semitism is real, it feels like everywhere, this is essentially what respondents who were interviewed. They hoped that the State take the measure of the situation and protect (while Matignon and the Elysée Palace passing by the Place Beauvau spared no efforts and systematically denounced anti-Semitism). Thus, in the media, interviewees told that even their families in Israel and elsewhere worry for them when they see the images of the events on television. And each and the others listed the problems that create discomfort: we dare not put of distinctive signs of any kind, I say more that I am Jewish, I’m afraid for my children, I hide that I went to Israel on vacation, etc. Certainly, historians, sociologists and other experts interviewed have rightly placed things in their context. They explained that the France is not an anti-Semitic country, that this anti-Semitism, of 2000s, has nothing to do with that of the pre-war period. The phenomenon has shifted to anti-Semitism of suburbs for the most part, which concerns a minority, centered on the demonization of Israel and the amalgam which goes hand in hand between Jewish and Israeli, Zionist and racist, or even Nazi. Add that the new anti-Jewish passions also feed negative stereotypes inherited from the old popular anti-Semitism to the European, where resentment is its major stimulants: the Jews have the power, they lead the media, they are everywhere, they have all places, they have everything, we have nothing, all these horrors and miserable fantasies heard here or there and rehashed (alas) for many centuriesas explained so well in the judeophobia of modern (Paris, Odile Jacob, 2008), the philosopher Pierre-André Taguieff. Before answering so, remember that the attachment of the Jews of France to the Republic is almost as old as the Republic itself, which emancipated the Jews in 1791. Therefore, the Jews of France were of the France a noble, high and generous idea. France, they like it so much that it permeates their lives, it is the beloved and blessed in their prayers, all Synagogues of France and of Navarre. And the emotion hugged us when we think about what the Jews of France gave to this country: artists, scientists of international reputation, leading intellectuals, brave soldiers and tireless workers. We recall here that the Jews of France in their vast majority carry the banner of Republican values up to the heart of a France whose identity is plural, a France which shall be and remain friendly and fraternal. Therefore, as most of our compatriots, the Jews of France are firmly attached to the values of freedom (of freedom to be able to do everything that does not harm others); fraternity (because every citizen must respect the rights of others); equality (because the law must be the same for all, without distinction of birth or condition). But, will they leave for fear, it’s that at least since the murder of Ilan Halimi or barbaric killings that were perpetrated by Mohamed Merah, they feel safer and that fourteen years – or nearly 8000 anti-Semitic acts have been committed in France – we see not the end of the end of this unfortunate situation. But, at bottom, what is being done to hold (from?) What is being done to reassure them? What is being done to heal the wounds? What is being done to make them feel better? More generally, that made France so that all people feel good? This objective element, add this one: the Jews in France are wondering: what is in France this anti-Israel fury that drives some extremist activists of the pro-Palestinian cause? So what is this mad passion, this destructive and sometimes quasi-religious rage that drives all these people? Believe that the apocalypse will come to believe that the sky is dechainera to believe that the world tremble and survive,. as long as Israel continues to exist. This visceral hatred of Israel created a malaise. The Jews of France are not more that criminalizes and judge or gauge so easily and with contempt of friendship they wear for Israel. Basically, to be a good Jew, should be to believe some shaving the walls, hide like his people, or to engage in this militant orgy that constantly nazifie Israel. . Root facts can be studied reading this

Analysis: After the election is pre-election coalition partner.

The winner was long, was the big surprise. The Union is the dominant force – even 25 years after the turn of the even with her there probably historically worst result in Saxony, Germany. She came after projections in the Landtag election to just under 40 percent, 40.2 percent in the last elections in 2009. Its coalition partner FDP (3.7 to 3.9 percent), however, resigned from the Parliament and continuing the decline of the Liberal Party. The Liberals are now more represented in any Government. Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich (CDU) now has the choice. Available the SPD as a junior partner. Black-Green seemed computationally in the offing in the evening to be. The evening for the far-right NPD evolved, however, into the nail-biter. She was in the projections directly to the five percent hurdle. For weeks, she was been seen in polls clearly including until the crisis in Syria and the Iraq swell the refugees in Germany were. The far right made their election campaign especially asylum seekers homes, abused the concerns of local residents. Recently they grew also again in voter popularity. At the CDU electoral party rather sober recorded the results. Nevertheless, Tillich spoke of a super result. He said that shows that people trust us, that we should assume more responsibility and take the fate of the country in the hand, with reference to it that the left puts it as the second strongest force in only about half of the votes. With whom this responsibility in the future should be worn about would now consult the party committees said Tillich. There are two options: the SPD and Greens. I have no preference, but talks must result in that. ARD he established himself later still on what had previously said the federal party: that the AfD in question comes together to move the country forward. SPD Chief Martin Dulig had already offered in the election campaign as a junior partner. Yes, I’m ready to assume responsibility in Saxony, Germany. In polls, more than half of the respondents expressed for a black red Alliance. The head of the State Parliament Greens, Antje Hermenau, which also already toying with an alliance with the CDU, was initially relieved about the re-entry Parliament with just under 6 percent. The result is more optimistic than some in recent days have thought. Almost out of sight, the unfortunate second winner, who ended up with good 18.5-18.9 percent came on election night with the left. It looks like we would have achieved our main goal of choice: the return of the CDU to an absolute majority that seemed tangible three months ago, to prevent, said party leader Rico Gebhardt and consoled himself with looking back. To confess to the left in the polls at 14 percent a year ago. The poor turnout of 49 percent Not yet once will make in the next few days yet for conversation. The opposition had on this latest possible date on the last day of vacation from the start criticized because he expected a low participation. Tillich, this rejected on election night and saw the culprit in the political opponents. The opposition has failed to place their issues and to initiate a real election campaign. . For additional insights about this matter check fact.

Milan-Lazio 3-1.

. . . Milan Lazio 3-1 (1-0) w. , Milan (4-3-3): Diego Lopez 7; Abbot 7, 6.5, 6 Alex Zapata, Bonera 6.5; Poly 6, De Jong, Muntari 6.5 6.5 (23 ‘ st Essien 6); Honda 6.5 (32 ‘ st 6 Armero), Menez 7 (37 ‘ 6th Niang), El Shaarawy 7. (32 Abbiati, 1 Agazzi, 13 branches, Ahmed, 14 81 Albertazzi, 24 Cristante, Saponara, 98 8 Sreenivas). All. : Inzaghi 6.5. . . Lazio (4-3-3): Baier 6; Just 5.5, 4.5, Cana De Vrij, Radu 5 5.5; 5.5 Parolo, Biglia, 6 6 Lulic (28 ‘ st Mauri 6); 6, Klose Candreva 5.5 (15 ‘ st Djordjevic 6.5), Keita 6.5 (15 ‘ st Anderson 5.5). (55, Warriors 77 Strakosha, Braafheid, 18 5 Gentiletti, 85 Novaretti, Konko, 13 32 15 Gonzalez, Cataldi, Ledesma 24). All. : 6 Pins. . . . Referee: Tagliavento di Terni 6. Networks: 7 ‘ 11 Honda, Muntari, 19 ‘ St. ‘ st Menez, 22 ‘ st Alex aut. Angles: 0-10. . . . Recovery: 1 ‘ and 5 ‘. Ammonites: De Jong, Radu, Lulic, De Vrij per game, Diego Lopez gives away a game does not regulate and ,, Audience: 36. 674 for proceeds of 1. 053.825.16 euro ,, * Goals *-’ pt 7: El Shaarawy is on the wing on the left, De Vrij and anticipates outside serves Honda in front of Berisha, who made no mistake. -11 ‘ st: Abbot jumps on the right and Wisdom delivered to Muntari that from within the small area marks the second. -19 ‘ st: foul from De Vrij rigour on Menez, French transformed from eleven metres. -22 ‘ st: Candreva’s cross from the right, Alex anticipates Djordjevic but forwards the ball into their own goal. Main source can be studied checking this

Syria, firefight and great escape: so you are saved the Filipino peacekeepers.

fighting, are safe and sound: the announced today the Philippine Army. They are all safe. We left our position but we brought with us our weapons, said Lieutenant-Colonel Ramon Zagala. A first group of 35 Filipino soldiers had been retrieved from his position yesterday by armoured vehicles of the United Nations, after Syrian rebels had brought an attack about 4 miles away. The other 40 soldiers, said the Philippine military source-faced Syrian rebels in a gunfight that lasted seven hours, and then finally, taking advantage of the night to walk to a Un post at 2 miles from them. They were then transported to Cape Ziuani. The Undof has 1. 223 men from six countries (Fiji, India, the Philippines, Ireland, Netherlands and Nepal). His mandate was renewed for six months until December 31, 2014. Imam of the UK issue fatwa against jihadists Isis. Some of the most important imam of the United Kingdom have issued a fatwa (religious edict) condemning the British jihadis join Isis in Syria and Iraq by defining them as heretics. The document forbids Muslims to join the ranks of the oppressive and tyrannical Islamic State and to oppose its poisonous ideology. The fatwa comes after Britain was raised the terrorism alert, with an attack highly probable, for fear that the jihadists return home from the Middle East to perform atrocit in their country. The edict also says that Muslims have a moral obligation to help the people of Iraq and Syria but without betraying their company. Announcement expected tomorrow in Parliament by British Prime Minister David Cameron against the phenomenon of jihadism. According to the Sunday Times, the British volunteers Isis will be effectively banned from returning to the United Kingdom with the withdrawal of their passport. . Main facts may be read checking this

Blogs | Deus ex machina: now faster die without Internet!.

Comparison with the backward Kerzenziehern and the victorious electric light popular around the Internet and the media change. You want to express the fact, that in our time the printed paper that will be replaced by the Internet. You would like to see the impact in the demise of the magazine once dominating the Republic, and if once again, an editor in Chief must go as last week of Jörg Quoos at the focus, that is linked like the thesis as an example for the accuracy. Once the focus got rid of obligations beyond the 800 000, now the trend is in the direction of 400 000, the retail the 80 000 approaching threateningly. Again, as a Printflämmchen with Quoos goes out and you realize it hardly in the radiant light of the network, the Internet friends say. The Internet and the free culture the disregard for the reader for the beauty of the printed word, blame, the Publisher nostalgics say. You must be careful with such historical comparisons Very much, Very much, especially if they are wrong. Namely, wax candles were not replaced by the electric light. Rather, they were always a rare luxury goods, and the normal person behalf with Kien chips and tallow lights. In the early 19th century, the tallow lights were replaced by stearin – and paraffin candles, which are still in use, and oil lamps, which have now disappeared. Since mid-19th century the gas light came on then and enjoyed until the early 20th century great popularity until then won the relatively safe and clean electric light. There has never been a replacement of the candle through the bulb, Instead of the several developments with various causes have overlaps. And also would I specifically expressing doubts at the focus To want, that "the Internet" as an evil deus ex machina that is reason why especially now so poorly sold this magazine. There are a number of developments that can also contribute to the decline. Because the core of the brand goes on newsstands quite focus, value, and rather light issues – to you must To watch at all shallow and purely commercial value-oriented country magazines themselves, which are rushed in the last years from record to record. This is a question of the Zeitgeist, the target group and the reading habits, and the Internet can do nothing for or against: there are plenty of digital plant tips, recipes, and Heide hikes, with lush images and, if you want modern GPS support. However, the consumers To want the magazine, their inspiration and their photo galleries. And they have time and the money obviously, to afford the magazine as a life guide for the garden. Exactly this target group but has ideologically the crises since 2000 particularly suffered. First went under the best new economy celebrated by the focus, then tipped the best stock market, and now the yield of the best insurer is also No more as well. On the other hand, there are a large number of special-interest magazines, where the focus can put little counter. Magazines that promise considerably more prestige than the focus of aging in niches, whose image is still so Markwort 90. Not very hochgeistig, not particularly exclusive, not particularly well-written and rather for a target group suitable, who had her best time under Helmut Kohl, if someone should be still a term. A product for a fashion audience, that is – thinned by the cost-cutting of the lean management also this development was parallel to the circulation loss of the last 15 years. Possibly also retaliates "The best just for me" specifically for this clientele-Zynismus: there are more alternatives, whether it is the fashionable self tuning magazine for men, or for the economy, which can read the most beautiful reports about themselves in the own company magazines. The focus tried Meanwhile, between over ambitious "you rent a private jet" deliberations and "Save her 20 000 lay" to To find topics of end customers. Products that are not purchased, not remain because of the Internet, but because they are not worth the customers. 2011 focus has tried a desperate-looking 1-euro-number, which itself sold well – then the crash continued unabated. Alone, the question remains, why actually the comparatively well running Portal focus. de can do No more for the mother leaf: focus. de uses a number of controversial methods and sophisticated search engine marketing to get on his click numbers. In statistics, it reads just fine, but whether all these stories of naked skin and taking off to convince to buy the printed book, is a question which is answered to the satisfaction of the Group may be. Focus and focus. de fight, as it typically is for German media, their own battles to different target groups and access: focus. de need clicks and the focus would need paying subscribers and both would like also, like everyone else in this market, paid content on the Internet – there are the focus digital with Zinio at a preferential price of 3.29 euros per issue Instead of 3.70 on paper. Printing costs, sales, dealer profit remain at the publishing house, and while the customer has kept un believe additional 41 cents! UH. Of course, it is easy to justify the resulting problems, as if it were a kind of natural disaster such as the extinction of the dinosaurs to the Internet for everyone. That release of the insight that some products have survived out easily and are not able to adapt to new times. The warm, Süddeutsche Biergartengemütlicheit between brokers and dentists was a good market for the focus a while. Now parts of the editorial in the cold and poor Berlin had to move, because there supposedly closer to exactly that happening. All others get this even when there are not enough stories about Blue mouldy bouncer by Berlin clubs, Howard Carpendales of the 21st century. The focus pants behind the developments and wants to be just urban, if its young target group in droves, Dirndl and leather trousers here with us on the Tegernsee in the forest festivals schadmünchnert. . For more insights about this topic click page.

Yugoslavia is still the Balkan powder keg.

The mixture of explosive character of the peoples of the Balkans with the complex historical legacy, added to the will of independence at any price of the peoples of the region, has already transformed this region into a real a powder keg. It is here that broke the first world war. And the States of the former Yugoslavia have still no unanimous view on the events of the time. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, it has erected a monument to Gavrilo Princip, who fired on the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, while for the Muslim population of Croatia, Prinicip is a terrorist. Similar contradictions and opposing views also occurred during the bloody internal conflict after the breakup of Yugoslavia. At the beginning of the 1990s, this region was up in flames by conflicts. The Bosnian conflict was the most complex, which lasted several years. The war broke out after the referendum on the independence of 1992. And after the regularization of the Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian, conflict the situation South of the Serbia became explosive. Kosovo unilaterally declared its independence, and the Albanians of Macedonia have also obtained their autonomy through weapons. The disintegration of the country was so violent precisely because the desire of peoples to become independent was fed from the outside and was out of the legal field. If the international community had addressed this issue from the legal point of view, these problems could be resolved peacefully and without problem, believes Elena Gouskova, doctor of sciences historical and Director of the Centre for research on the crisis of the Balkans at the Institute of Slavic Studies. "If international organizations behaved differently, not wishing to take the anti-Serb position, and had really put all their efforts to resolve the conflict, they could achieve in a day. An international conference is would be met in the years 1990-1991 and could have said: ‘ put you agree, and we will allow the disintegration of Yugoslavia «.» But international organisations have acted otherwise. They were immediately recognized the collapse of the State, then plunged into the chaos that has arisen ‘. ‘. "I would not say that there is frankly of the enmity between these peoples. Yes, they can joke, say something a little too emotionally, or watch each other with disdain, but it remains limited to the emotional context, which is characteristic to the populations of the southern countries. Each Serbian or Croatian has family in Bosnia, Slovenia and Macedonia. They live almost all the same territory and travel from one country to another. It is surprising, as the existence of a number of religions as large and varied, these people have not yet killed each other. The war of the early 1990s was the only conflict based on ethnic hostilities ",." Main facts can be studied reading the following web site.

In Naples, the camorra still shoots, killed a prejudiced.

He died in hospital in Naples after being seriously injured Louis Mele, 34 years, affected. The man died in the intensive care ward of the hospital São Paulo, at around 2.35, after a delicate surgery. Has no ties of kinship with the Neapolitan camorra clan of apples. The man was found in a bakery on via Giorgio de Grassi. Two people, with the full face helmet on his head, entered the room and shot three bullets at 34 but hit him. Mele managed to escape from a secondary port but was chased and caught by Goons who exploded four shots, three of which scored: the victim was hit by a bullet in the back and two others to the lower abdomen. Relief from 118, was transferred to the hospital in serious condition. On the site of the attack the science police in Naples found no cases. The pm the Neapolitan public prosecutor has ordered an autopsy on the body to be held in the second city’s General Hospital. . Main facts may be studied reading this page.