Health: psychologists, lethal Order new minimum VAT regime.

Rome, Oct. 21 (Reuters Health)-In this country always raining in the wet. Think this reading the news provided by law of stability on minimum regime of VAT: the raising of the income tax rate from 5% to 15% for this tax regime is likely to hit thousands of professionals, in almost all cases juveniles. The judgement comes from Nicola Piccinini, President of the order psychologists Lazio, who commented the norm included in the stability law. These measures are likely to create huge damage and a difficulty for many deadly: affects professionals already battered by all sorts of unsustainable costs, from a market contraction, from a recent recognition of still unregulated professions, from an incessant requirement for training and continuous updating, though often not of professional quality, but ‘ profit ‘ for those who organizeAdds inviting the Government to withdraw the measure and instead try to create sources of income by facilitating the start-up of young professionals, with a view to long-term economic and social development. . For extended facts about this matter click weblink.

Inquiry into death of Elena baskets, Mattino5 reveals: Husband suspect.

L’amica Morena: for me it’s murder-Elena Baskets for me was murdered: is murder. Morena Deidda, friend and former classmate of Helen, is sure whether it’s a murder, as reported by an interview to L’Unione Sarda. Body found in Asti-Elena Baskets’s corpse was found Saturday morning, in an advanced state of decomposition, in the province of Asti. The breakthrough in the investigation on the disappearance of the woman, 37 years old, vanished into thin air last January 24, from an examination of the dna of the remains were while trying to clean a drain, less than two miles from the House where he lived with her husband and four children. Police investigations are continuing now in the strictest confidentiality, to determine whether the mother has committed suicide or was murdered. A mystery long nine months, between reports and false alarms, inventing things and research abroad. The last track was followed even in Tenerife.  The body of the Baskets was there, just a short walk from home, between the Tanaro river and the railway. Find it, in an advanced state of decomposition, some municipal employees engaged in cleaning the bed of a channel. The area was seized and is still monitored by the police provincial command of Asti, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Fabio Federici. The military informed of her husband’s corpse, Michele Buoninconti, firefighter in Alba (Cuneo). Was he last January 24, to denounce the disappearance and to start the search. I had asked to go to take their children to school because it wasn’t well-said-. I haven’t seen her. Vanished into thin air without any baggage, leaving the car in the yard and in the House, the phone and the faith. . Main source can be found checking this site.

Brazil: the last hours of campaign under the banner of Lula.

In these last hours of campaign, it remains a weapon available to the candidate from left: "Lula is the politician who has the most influence on the voters," says Luis Felipe of Alencastro, political scientist and historian at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV). More than a third of voters say that they would follow instructions to vote for Lula, according to a survey by the Datafolha Institute. More than one undecided voter in four would be willing to do the same. It should not underestimate the party structures and the mobilization of activists, said Luis Felipe de Alencastro. "Lula commitment on the ground also mobilizes especially during the last days, the activist and electoral machine of the PT, which is the only party to have permanent sections (and not the simple electoral interim committees as the other parties, Editor’s note) in 75% of the cities of the country. ”  "Some relatives of Lula are however eager to relativise its influence. It is true that his support is more foolproof. The candidate of the PT in the State of Sao Paulo, who was trying to put an end to decades of dominance of the opposition in that State, has just suffered a crushing defeat: Geraldo Alckmin, the PSDB’s Neves, re-elected Governor in the first round. "Lula is still the political leader the country’s most popular explains his old companion Ricardo Kotscho, who long headed his press service. ‘. But, to the point where it is, it is not able to change the course of the elections, which will remain balanced and uncertain until the end.  "Even if it clings to the icon has become Lula, Dilma Rousseff did not became a puppet of the former president. On the contrary, it has gradually imposed his style and methods, sometimes considered authoritarian. Lula boards were not always followed, what would motivate a certain distance outlet. "There were tensions between Dilma and Lula and the PT", confirms political scientist Claudio Couto. Some disgruntled activists had even called for the return of Lula in business, with a slogan: "Lula, come back! But the dauphine has gradually emerged. "Dilma has conquered its autonomy," says Claudio Couto. Lula is not a great elector. This is not the sponsor. This no longer exists in the Brazil.  "As to drive the nail, the famous singer Chico Buarque said recently:"in 2010, I mostly voted Dilma because Lula. This year, I am voting for Dilma because Dilma.  "The message could not be more clear,. And if Dilma Rousseff finally prevail, it is not so much because of Lula, supports former Minister, Rubens Ricupero, former Secretary-General of UNCTAD, that grace to the "positive effects of many social programmes for the most démunis(une douzaine en tout, mis en place par les gouvernements successifs, NDLR).". It is impressive to note that modest people know the name of all these programs by heart! "In areas of finance, it is far from thinking that Lula is a has-been, but it also evokes his declining influence and willingness to take a little distance to avoid exposure to the consequences of a possible defeat. "Everyone considers it consider one who has saved Brazil, a former banker. But, today, it sits a little complacent. He did not want to lose.  » . You must click this to discover extra on this great subject.

Shootings in Ottawa: the mother of the killer is “angry” against his son.

Kevin Vickers, sergeant-at-arms at Canadian parliament, hailed as a hero for taking down one of #Ottawa gunmen pic. Twitter. com/HuqVZqdnqR – David Jack (@DJack_Journo) October 22, 2014 is the day after in Ottawa, the Canadian capital. The city, which suffered Wednesday a terrorist attack by one of its citizens was trying to resume a normal face. Canadian MPs including found ‘their’ Parliament where the author of the shootings, Michael Zaman-Bibeau, was shot by the Chief of security of the building. Susan Bibeau, the mother of the man identified as the killer, said Thursday "sorry" for acts committed by his son during a brief telephone conversation with the AP Agency.  If I cry, it is for these people, she said trying to hold back his tears. Not for my son", reports the Canadian site of La Presse.   Earlier in the day, Kevin Vickers, the man who shot Michael Zaman-Bibeau, received a poignant tribute on the part of policy makers of the country. The national anthem was intoned and also, a minute of silence was respected in memory of corporal Nathan Cirillo, a soldier killed Wednesday near the War Memorial in the first shootout security services remained on alert throughout the day to the Canada. A man, probably a fixed homeless, who had approached too close to the Prime Minister, was arrested in the morning. A few hours later, another man was arrested in Halifax, in the East of the country, while he had to surrender a weapon in a bus.  has explained the mother of Michael Zaman-Bibeau, designated as the author of the shootings on Wednesday, in a brief telephone conversation given to AP News Agency.  Previously, Susan Bibeau had sent an e-mail, always to AP, in response to a first e-mail asking to confirm the mental instability of her son.  "Hello, I’m writing this note in my name and that of my husband. No words can express the sorrow we feel at the moment.  We are very sad that a man has lost his life,"she says.   "We apologize also us for all the pain, the terror and chaos he created. We have no explanation to offer. I am angry with our son, I do not understand and a part of me wants to hate him right now, says Susan Bibeau.  "You write that our son was vulnerable, we ignore it, (it) was lost and would not fit into the mold. ” Me, mother, I talked to him last week during a dinner. I had not seen the previous five years. So I have little to offer to enlighten you», she wrote again.   "Please, respect our privacy, although many believe that we do not deserve the,," Yet once again, we are so sorry", concludes Susan Bibeau, co-signing this e-mail with the name of the father of Michael Zaman-Bibeau.  Canadian members have made tribute Thursday to the head of Parliament’s security, Kevin Vickers, who shot dead the day before the shootings of Ottawa assailant by a standing ovation long and nourished.  Gathered at the House of Commons in the presence of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the whole of the Government, deputies then said a prayer before singing the national anthem and observe a minute of silence. On Wednesday evening, they were many on social networks to pay tribute to Kevin Vickers, calling him the "hero".  Placed in custody Thursday in Halifax, in the East of the Canada, is suspected of having abandoned a weapon on a bus from the city.  Halifax, home port of the Canadian fleet Atlantic, is the capital of Nova Scotia and a large number of military personnel are stationed. In a statement, the city police said have been alerted in the morning to the presence of a man carrying a weapon in the vicinity of the Quays of the port of Halifax, in the heart of the city.  The suspect was "a black lattice" and, according to the person who warned the police, hid what appeared to be a rifle "in a black garment.  A few hours more trad, police services have warned that a man had abandoned a weapon to fire in a bus. This man was finally ‘arrested’ and "the firearm was found in the bus," police said in a statement. An investigation is underway.  Elizabeth II, who is also sovereign of Canada, expressed Thursday "shocked and saddened" by the shooting at Parliament in Ottawa.  ’Philip and I were shocked and saddened by the events of Ottawa’, said the Queen in a press release.  "Our thoughts and prayers go to those affected" by the shooting, she added. François Hollande again denounced Thursday a "terrorist act heinous" that has produced "in a place of democracy".  The head of State was speaking from the Elysee after an informal meeting of Heads of European Governments sociaux-democrate "we must (.). . . ‘) express our support and in particular by our Ambassador who was present on the spot ", stressed François Holland. A man was arrested Thursday morning near the monument to the dead in Ottawa, where a Canadian soldier was killed the day before, at the same time where Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife went to collect.  Set plays and surrounded by several police officers, this individual was ventured in an area strictly forbidden since the attack on Wednesday and was subdued quickly by the police. According to media, it would simply be a homeless. The other side of the street, the Canadian Prime Minister and his wife Laureen were about to enter their car to go to the monument where the soldier was murdered. Stephen Harper and his wife were supervised by a very important safety device, many police officers who have traded in their guns for automatic rifles. Accomplices of the shooter’s Wednesday could still be found in nature.   The word took time out from the mouth of the Canadian authorities. But Wednesday evening, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the determination of his country to not influence its position against "terrorist organizations".  "This attack will strengthen our determination and will lead us to redouble our efforts (,.). to take all necessary measures so that the Canada remains a country course", said Stephen Harper in a televised speech, hours after the shootings of Ottawa. The Canadian air force must participate in its first strikes in Iraq and Syria within the coalition led by the United States against Daech (Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group).   . You must read this resource to read more on this interesting subject.

Calais: faced with the influx of migrants, Cazeneuve strengthens the workforce.

They come from Somalia, Eritrea, Iraq, or Syria,. Since the end of the summer, the number of migrants in Calais has nearly doubled. While they were about 1 500 a few weeks ago, the prefecture of the Pas-de-Calais are today "between 2,200 and 2,300 migrants" on Calais and its surroundings. This influx of migrants seeking by all means to cross the channel to Britain, their Eldorado, create tensions. These last days of clashes took place between Ethiopians and Eritreans who were trying to storm the heavy goods vehicles waiting to board ferries bound for England.   Joined by Le Parisien. FR, Claudine Gilles, volunteer within the association Salam of assistance to migrants explains that these clashes that took place these past three days in Calais, "these are fights only between mafias which are trying to take control. She says the influx of migrants made their heyday. "It’s minimum $ 1000 to spend. Then they are many to want to go to England, most smugglers and the mafias that exist even among migrants, are attracted. "Who rubs shoulders with every day of migrants to give them meals, ensures that distributions occur globally in the quiet, although in early October, the association was forced to cancel a Monday evening. A handful of migrants had then refused to eat the meal that was offered to them on a background of power struggle. "Migrants are there and seek rather to forget. ” They want to let them continue their journey"she says. If Wednesday, skirmishes broke out in Calais, forcing police to intervene, while illegal immigrants came to source in discount stores, Claudine Gilles, she do not see an increase in insecurity.  "A small fringe of the population in to pissed off. ”  But the situation is not worse today. "The prefect of Nord, Denis Robin, ensures him there is" objectively increased crime linked to the migrants. But it’s "petty crime of appropriation, of theft of laptops" and incivility he said. To reassure the people of Calais, meet the policemen who recently demonstrated to express an dissatisfaction, but also to deter migrants to storm the trucks that go across the channel, the Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve announced reinforcements of security forces Thursday. "The goal is to streamline the movement of trucks, to avoid that they are assaulted, and to strengthen controls, while ensuring the safety of migrants who are themselves in danger. It’s also to relieve the forces of order and discourage facilitator networks"the Minister explained. The prefect Denis Robin, confirmed late Thursday morning that a squadron of mobile gendarmes, 70 men had been assigned, in addition to the two companies of CRS already on-site. Their mission: enhance the security of the port area, including the ring road that leads to the port.  Temporary barriers, and then the final barriers on 4 km will be also installed "to improve the holding of the ring road and the port enclosure" said the prefect.  In downtown also, additional staff have been sent. A half-company of CRS, or 35 police arrived Wednesday in Calais to patrol on foot and by car in the centre of town, said the prefect.   But for Claudine Gilles, these reinforcements are not suitable. ‘It is useless, if it is to operate food stall of Calais’ she quips. "They just rather give us a helping hand for the distribution or to peel potatoes" which will be used to some 800 or 1,000 meals that she and other volunteers are used every day to migrants. "It becomes more and more difficult". "The number of migrants increased, however we volunteers, we are not more numerous" regrets.  "If 200 or 300 migrants and more, some do not eat. Or the portions are smaller.   . You must check this to discover more regarding this great subject.

Attention to the sedentary lifestyle is a new disease.

The Minister, who has demonstrated on several occasions of great foresight, will be the first in the world to introduce the sedentary life as real illness recognized by the national health service. As cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, etc. Why? First, for the size of the phenomenon: our country falls into the top20 most lazy Nations in the world. We’re 1981 ICF, with an index of 54.7% idle. The media stops at 31.1%. If reported to the European Union, the picture is even more bleak. We are fifth, exceeded only by Malta, Cyprus, Serbia and United Kingdom. Istat enumerated, in 2013, over 24 millions of sedentary, approximately 42% of the population. prof. Giuseppe De Rita, President Censis, We then decided to bring in the middle of our meeting, which brings together more than 1. 500 doctors among the 5000 members of the FMSI, the concept of physical inactivity as real pathology. That travels in parallel obviously the issue of disease prevention. Some key moments of the Congress will be the master of readings entitled "the social value of sport medicine" and prof. Michael Sagner: "Scientific evidence supporting the importance of prescribing exercise in sedentary subjects". Prof. Michael Sagner is President of the European Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ESLM) that will highlight how obesity and metabolic syndrome generally represent the most visible consequence of sedentary lifestyle.   (New York University "exercise, brain and mind" will also among others), during the session on. Several studies have now shown that being sedentary reduces the neuroplasticity and the size of the hippocampus, as well as promote aging of Telomeres. Physical activity promotes instead a neuroprotective effect, with improved learning outcomes. That’s why remains strongly indicated in seniors. Fundamental element in an ageing society, which in all probability will be increasingly burdened by the exponential increase of chronic diseases. But aging can take place in health, if we reduce the rates of physical inactivity, or favorite disease in people who do not practice exercise. According to the World Health Organization, deaths for non communicable diseases will increase by 17% over the next 10 years but, with coordinated intervention, you can avoid over 30 millions of premature deaths in the world by 2015, of which almost 50% in under 70 and about Prof. Novelli, Rector of the University of Tor Vergata will intervene with a reading entitled "genetic testing in the prevention of sudden death".   prof. Lanfranco Senn, Bocconi University MilanoProf. Pecorelli, Rector of the University of Brescia and President of AIFA, frame the sedentary lifestyle as a veritable pathology will also speak from the point of view of the social and health costs, thereby reducing the total load. This will the, with which the FMSI teamed up for a search on the costs of physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle, with reading "the social costs of sedentary lifestyle" and by reading "the new medicine and the sustainability of the system." The specialist doctor in sports medicine that is the occupational physician with his cultural background and exercise must occupy rightful place on the preventive level, therapeutic and rehabilitation. If you could communicate some data on capillary because sport is healthy, we would pull many people also sedentary lifestyle. Still need to continue to invest in raising awareness, involving more of the educational institution. This is what he did with the foresight and CONES President Malagò project "Sport class", to which the FMSI will participate in the training phase on lifestyles. It is essential that an increasing amount of resources is intended to encourage young people to move, collaborating with schools to give more room for physical education courses and extra curricular activities. If we compare the data, are just the guys to be very lazy in adults between 30 and 50 years. The over30 begin to practise sports as a factor of aggregation or to follow your doctor’s advice. Once you have finished school, where the facilities are lacking, teenagers are not equipment and suitable spaces and dropping out of physical activity accordingly. Becomes important and then exploit also offer media to communicate the importance of physical exercise.   The Italian sports Medical Federation has the means and skills to pave the way for a revolution. Our country is in fact considered, internationally, at the forefront in terms of legislation and health protection for athletes, both at a competitive level that amateur. We’re talking about very important figures: there are 65. 000 subsidiaries to Federations recognized by CONI, numbers in slow but steady growth. Athletes are more than 4.6 million members, almost 8% of the Italian population. In 2001 this figure stood at 5.9% and has increased during the last decade. Couldn’t that be otherwise in the nation that has been in 1957 the first in the world, with the support of the Federation, to establish the school of specialization in sports medicine, now active in twelve European countries and where today there are many specialized institutes and centres 48 FMSI. We were always the first to predict, since 1982, the obligation of visiting the annual eligibility all members, athletes visit that has reduced sudden deaths on the fields of competition of 89%. This figure shows clear evidence the importance of competence and specialist in sports medicine.  The annual fitness is the most valuable tool of prevention for health protection. Can also detect small diseases, controindicanti not the competitive activity that, if diagnosed promptly, involve both a large savings for the National Health System, for the benefit of the community, that a better quality of life of the individual. This shows clear evidence of the importance of the figure of sports physician, not only at professional level, but especially in amateur and youth categories, because it plays an important role in education and training to health as well is essential. physical movement is, along with proper nutrition, one of the guarantors of individual well-being. And it should be prescribed as treatment, like a drug, in the right individual dose, where sedentary lifestyle must be recognized as pathology: the strong theme that comes from our Congress. For all these reasons, the scientific message he wants to get to the Ministry of health is to proceed with the FMSI on a path now should not be delayed and for the health of all citizens, which sees the recognition of sedentary lifestyle as pathology within the National Health Service. A journey of great foresight and never charted before in the world, which will have positive implications on the economic and health policy of the country. We hope that the message is picked up by a Health Minister, whom Beatrice Latt, innovative and attentive to the problems of modern society. . Similar info can be read visiting weblink.

New trouble for Emilio Fede: investigated for blackmail with false porn pictures.

I just sent a note to Mediaset in order to clarify that the photos referred to had been immediately delivered by me to an authoritative character of the group. The Emilio Fede said, speaking of the investigation against him by Milan prosecutors. I have not yet received anything, he said. As for the hypothesis of a blackmail or revenge toward Mediaset says: and why I should do it? I had already signed a contract with them by editorial consultant until 2015. -That the only picture that I have seen and know the existence, I had been brought by Gaetano Ferri-added Faith referring to his former personal trainer, other criminal record behind. The picture ‘ scabrosa ‘ portrayed the head of information Mauro Crippa-. You could tell it was a photomontage and tried to get in touch with him to consegnargliela but in those days it was impossible to behold-Emilio Fede-yet tells so I called another important personality of the group. -None of this happened on my last day as Director of Rte4 to Mediaset, with which however I had already signed a new contract weeks before-still says Faith-and the person to whom I gave the picture was not the Attorney Pasquale Straziota. Of that picture or other of that kind if they exist-yet the journalist repeats-I no longer know anything and I don’t understand how a judge can give credit to a character like Ferri. There is rather to wonder why this story come out right now on the eve of the appellate judgment of my trial-he added talking about the so-called Ruby bis, for which he was sentenced at first instance to 7 years for induction and pimping. A ruling that could, I might, has wished-to be in my favor. . For extended about this matter visit url.

Germany’s protest City: In Hamburg, as it POPs.

It pops up in the Hill district. That is as reliable as the beating of Michel clock tower. The news brings a contribution in a concerned tone, police and protesters may give the blame for the escalation each other, special sitting parliamentarians are to debate in the Town Hall. The damage is estimated, then rest again. Until the next year. Spearhead in protest of the left Hamburg – although the last album long back and Jan Delay now makes disco music. The beginner, at that time they were still absolute, Bambule not without reason called her 1998 masterpiece. The wild car site was the Ronald Schill Senator of the Interior, (see: judge merciless) 2002 grant left, will protest against the upstairs in Hamburg still to zaertelt. For the 25th anniversary of the rote Flora (see: flora, red) gave a Gratiskonzert the beginner. Must it always escalate? Nope, it doesn’t. Astra on the Elbe River set in silence about all this angry, what goes wrong in Hamburg. Cheers, Dania. It’s not raining, that’s what you ever. And tomorrow another day. It must come together quite a bit, gather shrimpers, fruit growers, anger citizens, left scene, conservationists and the Evangelical Church in a common front. The proposed deepening of the Elbe has succeeded. The city wants to attract container ships with 14.5 metres draught in the port. Federal, Nabu, and WWF say that is ecologically no longer acceptable not again. Because six times the river Elbe for larger pots was dredged already, most recently in 1999. The courts now decide if and when it comes to the next procedure. Cultural Center, concert hall, think tank, germ cell, ruins, Safehold, barbed, eyesore, focus, curiosity, fascination, final exam. For 25 years, establishing the word making finesse of Boulevard and population occupied flora stimulates, for 25 years, he is the fat middle finger in the gentrified areas of Schanzenviertel. Looks from the outside as in the toilet flushed and again highly foamed from inside even worse. The flora was painted, hung, afflicted, 2007 bundesanwaltschaftlich searches and 2008 by the police. Only constant was, and remained, the flora was, and remained. Investor Klausmartin Kretschmer, the building actually (still) heard an evacuation had repeatedly requested, reportedly even an arson in order given and storming plans discuss let. Now he is insolvent, the city wants to buy him the old theatre. A curious end: The city which the flora over the decades was a thorn in the side, had initiated the conversion to the musical theater and forced sale to investors, save the barracks now. . Extended text can be inspected visiting

When reality TV filme mothers teenagers, it produces strange effects.

The last season of ’16 and’ Pregnant ("16 and pregnant") was aired in the spring last on MTV in the United States. In five years, the reality show, which follows pregnancy and childbirth of schoolgirls to Juno, is installed in the country: its Facebook page has more than six million fans. Diversity came after, but in the first seasons and even now, most of the girls are white. They live in an America peri and easy, made with small white houses in porches and yellow school buses. These are of Juno more blondes and less smart – what does not stick to the typical portrait of the mother real American teen (oldest and poorest). Their parents are rather open and magnets. For example, we follow Mackenzie, 16 years. Gorgeous blonde, small, muscular and "cheerleader" (cheerleader) at high level. Her boyfriend, Josh, is a large well cut Brown passionate about rodeo and a little soft the rest of the time. In an article in the New York Times, dating back to April 2011, journalist Jan Hoffman seemed rather convinced of its benefits. He interviewed several social educators and teachers impressed by the impact of the series on adolescents "caught in intrigues", and who do not want to "get into the same situation as the daughter of MTV. The show would also favour discussions between parents and children at home. An article by the Washington Post, dating roughly from the same time, is more cautious. Journalist regret, for example, that abortion is constantly ignored in the episodes (a young couple, who adopted her daughter, is same openly "pro-life"). A single "special program", "No Easy Decision" (a not easy decision) was dedicated in December 2010 – and this once caused a scandal in American conservative circles. I’m sorry but if you don’ t agree with contraception just watch #16andPregnant, we need to have things like Plan B available. Root facts can be found visiting the following link.

Fight to Kobans: Islamic State launches major offensive.

Kobans – so far the West by Kobans could defend Kurdish fighters. Now, the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) has launched a foray into this part of the Northern Syrian city. Target is a three-kilometre corridor from the Hill Tell Schair to the city limits, said Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for human rights on Thursday. The IS jihadists for weeks attempting to conquer the town near the Syrian Turkish border. Most recently, they were beaten back by the Kurdish people defense units (YPG), fighting on the ground, as well as the US led coalition attacks from the air. On the night of Wednesday, at least 30 jihadists and eleven YPG fighters were killed in fighting in the East of the city. Turkey is due to the advance of the Islamists in the Syrian Kurdish areas in the dilemma: on the one hand it may be not right to the land that the jihadists advance to its limit. On the other hand, Turkey is afraid to help the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds, as she do not want to enhance the banned Kurdish Party PKK in their own country. . Extended text can be found clicking