The Government, on future Foreign Ministry not yet convergence Colle-Chigi.

Rome, Oct. 30 (La Presse)-a long interview, which lasted over an hour, between the President of the Council, Matteo Renzi, and the head of State, Giorgio Napolitano, which ended without that convergence has been arrived at on the name of the next Foreign Minister, who will replace Federica Mogherini, appointed High Representative of foreign policy in Europe. As we learn in fact by the Quirinale, during the meeting there was a first Exchange of views on the appointment of the next Foreign Minister. In fact Mogherini has still not resigned as Minister and he will qualified sources explain, only when there will be a certain successor to the Farnesina. A pause for reflection and then is at palazzo Chigi to the Quirinale. Break out though because the current foreign owner must leave Italy officially Saturday, 1 November, and take a full part in the new post. So by tomorrow this node should be dissolved. At the moment, the same sources confirm the choice relates between Maria Saidi, Vice President of the Chamber with a long experience in foreign policy purposes since the Ds, and Lapo Pistelli, Deputy Foreign Minister in the current Government and the previous one by Enrico Letta. The latter could be read as a signal of continuity within the Ministry, blocked by choice, reports narrate, idyllic little to say the cold with the same Radio. Other point in disfavour of Pistelli the promise made by Renzi keep in its gender equality Government. Promise that might be consistent with the ploy to entrust the responsibility for equal opportunities, now in his hands, to a Minister. MOGHERINI: it is a bye is not a goodbye but a see you, said the outgoing Minister for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, speaking in plenary in the Chamber after presenting his resignation from Parliament. It was a great honor to serve this country, "said Mogherini-by Deputy of the Republic and for these months as Minister. The speaker of the House, Laura Boldrini, previously read the resignation letter, which expresses the will to work to bridge the gaps that occur today in the relationship with the EU. The letter was received by the House with a long applause. . Root source may be studied checking this

Reyhaneh Jabbari farewell letter, young Iranian executed.

Dear Naren, today I learned that it is my turn to deal with Qisas (lex talionis in the Iranian judicial system, Editor’s note). I am hurt to learn that you have not let me know that I had reached the last page of the book of my life. Don’t you think I should have know? You know that your sorrow makes me ashamed. Why not did you me not to let the chance to kiss your hand and that of Dad?The world has allowed me to live for 19 years. During this disturbing night, I should have to be killed. My body would have been thrown in a corner of the city, and after a few days, the police have conducted you in the office of the medical examiner to identify my body and you would have learned that I had also been raped. The murderer would have never been found since we have neither their wealth nor their power. You would have then continued your life in pain and shame, and a few years later you’d be dead of this pain, that’s all. You taught me just to the world to take advantage of experience and learn a lesson, and that with each birth, a responsibility is placed on our shoulder. I learned that sometimes one has to fight. I remember when you have told me that the man objected to the man who flagellaient me, but that latter whipped it the head and face until he dies. You told me that to create value, you should persevere even if another died. You taught me that, since we go to school, we be Lady face disputes and complaints. Do you remember how much you insisted on how they behaved? Your experience was incorrect. When this incident happened, my teachings do not helped me. Being presented at the bar made me switch to a cold-blooded murderer and a criminal without mercy. I have not shed a tear. I have not begged. I have not cried all the tears of my body because I trusted in the law. But I was accused of being indifferent to the crime. You see, I do not even kill mosquitoes and cockroaches by the antennas I took to throw them a little further. Now I became a premeditated murderer. My treatment of animals has been interpreted as having a male penchant and judge even has not taken the trouble to look at the facts and see that at the time of the incident I had long painted nails. It was so optimistic to expect justice on the part of the judges! He is never asked about the fact that my hands are not thick like a sports car, especially a boxer. This country that you made me cherish has never wanted me and person not supported me when, under the blows of the interrogators, I was screaming and I could hear the most vulgar words. When I lost my last sign of beauty in shaving me hair, I’ve been rewarded: 11 days in solitary confinement. Dear Naren, do not cry for what you hear. The first day at the police station when an old agent unmarried brutalized me because of my nails, I understood that we will not find the beauty in this era. The beauty of appearances, the beauty of thoughts and wishes, a beautiful writing, the beauty of the eyes and vision, and even beauty in a soft voice. My dear mother, my ideology has changed and you’re not responsible for. My letter is endless and I gave it to someone for that, when I’ll be executed without your presence and your knowledge, it you will be given. I leave you this written legacy material.   However, before my death, I want something from you, you have to provide me with all your strength, regardless of how you get it. In fact, it is the only thing I want in this world, this country and you. I know that you need time for that.   So, I will tell you part of my wish now. Please, do not cry and listens. I want you to go to the Court and you to do them part of my query. I can not write such a letter which would be approved by the head of the prison; then once again, you must suffer because of me. For this only thing, I authorize you to beg, though I told you repeatedly do not beg me save execution. My tender mother, dear Naren, who me is more expensive than my own life, I won’t rot underground. I do not want my eyes or my young heart to become dust. You gotta beg them so that, as soon as I’ll be hanged, my heart, my kidneys, my eyes, my bones and everything that can be transplanted is removed from my body and given to someone who needs it. I do not want the recipient to know my name, nor that he buys me flowers or even that he prays for me. The world we not like it. He did not want my destiny. And now, I give him and I embrace death. As in the Court of God, I accuserai the inspectors, I accuserai the Inspector Shamlou, I accuserai the judge, and judges of the Supreme Court of the country who have beaten me up when I was awake and had constantly harassing me. In the Court of the creator, I accuserai doctor Farvandi, I accuserai Qassem Shabani and all those who, through ignorance or with their lies, made me hard and have trampled on my rights and did not take into account that sometimes, what appears to be reality is in fact not at all. My dear and tender Sholeh, in another world it of you and me who are the accusers and those who are accused. We’ll see what God wants. I wanted to kiss you until I die. I love you. . For more data about this topic click web site.

For this reason, three girls (including a minor), daughters of North African citizens residing in the mountain area reggiano, for some days have bothered the impure, 19-Santa offendendola Moroccan-and threatening to aggress it and beat her to the bus stop, the other morning at school. The police aggression of Castelnovo Monti, to which the victim-who reported 7-day prognosis-made a complaint, with the charges of bodily harm, threats and insults, they complained to the Reggio Prosecutor and of minors in Bologna two girls of 18 and 19 years old and a minor residing in the reggiano. Aggression, preceded by days of insults and threats, he embodied, indeed, to the school. The victim went to the bus stop to return to the House where reached by the three girls, who are passed to threats made by grabbing her hair and kicked. The intervention of a passerby has prevented the beating continued. Trauma and bruising the victim resorted to medical care with a prognosis of 7 days for injuries and bruises. He then reported the incident to the Carabinieri of Castelnovo Monti. The ‘ bulle ‘ were not known directly by the interested party, if not of vista and the vezzeggiativi who used their facebook profiles where they also boast about the incident. . Related data can be inspected reading

Reform of the regions: don’t ever call it Centre.

Too flat, not evocative for a penny, "it is a trite, wobbly name telling lies somewhere between Ile-de-France and Pays de la Loire", complains the IDU of Loir-et-Cher, Maurice Leroy member. Centrist faith. To complement the whole, the term ‘Centre’ is incorrect "since it isn’t even in the middle of the France. «When weather bulletin, it was announced that it snows on the centre of the France, out the snow tires, in fact it’s Clermont-Ferrand!»During the examination of territorial reform in Assembly, Leroy had tabled an amendment to rename its "Val-de-Loire" region But Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior, "considered that it was not the Act determining on the name but to the regions themselves." There are strong bet that the Government did not frankly want to discuss in this Chamber without end of names that would be the future regions from reform. Senators return therefore to the load. And make block between PS, UMP and IDU. For the UMP Eric Doligé (Loiret), "this would better position and give an image to a region that has never been able to create an identity between its six departments’. In 1994, Maurice Dousset, president of region, had already wanted to barter the ‘Centre’ name for the "Val de Loire" label. "Our Berry friends, the Cher and Indre, were opposed because they did not feel Loire," recalls Maurice Leroy. For household everyone, the Senators want to affix the two names. A designation which they are side marketing. "Val de Loire" – Unesco heritage site-, that is which evokes the good wine and castles of the Renaissance. "It has a tourist capital to highlight: Chambord is 800 000 to one million entries annually, the Park of Beauval, 1.2 million", revving Leroy. The name change is also a call of the foot in the region Pays de Loire, elected representatives of the Centre hoping that it will consent, one day, to a union. Eric Doligé is more modest: "the Centre does not demand much, just that slightly improves its name. This is not a revolution but it made us happy. » . Related text can be read reading source.

Rome, Oct. 30 (La Presse)-I personally met the workers resigned, they both say the same thing: there was an explicit order. Always amazes me, moreover, that these things can happen by chance. There must be an order. No doubt Susanna Camusso, interviewed by ‘ Il Fatto Quotidiano ‘ about injured some workers of the Ast Terni affected severely by law enforcement during a demonstration in Rome. Peaceful demonstrations cannot be treated in this way-Cgil Secretary General continues-. We asked to convene the Committee for public order and security in order to make explicit a directive on what should be the behavior of law enforcement. What happened today is no longer verificars. Camusso announces that the events that occurred in Rome did not anticipate the general strike announced for Saturday, November 8, because until then there are mobilisations already decided. Still think that you have to articulate and spread the initiatives, give voice to the territories. We will be subjected to numerous tensions, to likely votes of confidence, we don’t have in mind a short-term struggle. On the objectives which the Cgil would catch up with these initiatives, Camusso explains that the priority is the creation of work, good job. In the law there is no delegation on overcoming many forms of precariousness. The Statute of workers should be extended, not resized. Delegating law, law of stability and reform of the public administration are three things that go together, not one thing to derubrica the other. In any case, we do not say no only. We have ideas and proposals: extending rights, reducing the precariousness, the quality of public administration. A stone over the possibility of confrontation with the Government won’t let us ever-Cgil Secretary-explains. A way to compare is the most suitable but does not see at this time the premises. We have proposed and we remain available to compare. There we close in a Fort. The Cgil is not under siege, ensuring the trade unionist, rather the current phase is characterized by a great social problem. For fairness, it must be said that the situation is not all daughter of this Government, but by a long season of crisis that has left many unresolved. I understand that there is nervousness around. The insulation there is unless you want to imply a separation of the themes of the work priorities of the country. When I was elected-adds-the concern was how to deal with a crisis so long. But maybe we underestimated that a crisis that would change not only social relations but also political relations. What has not changed is the strong vocation of autonomy of the Cgil. On the words of Pina Picerno Camusso prefers not to say anything, if not commenting don’t care respond to someone’s protagonism. Of course, we reserve the right to evaluate the elements of defamation, but that’s not the point. And the possible need for a generational renewal within the Cgil Union concludes: the Cgil is never a homogenous world. Last Saturday it was apparent that we’re more composites and younger than it is recognized. Then we have a problem of accelerating the renovation there is no doubt. But this thread we opened before newsreel of Radio ‘. . You can check this to discover extra about this great topic.

Atalanta-Napoli 1-1.

Atalanta-Napoli 1-1 (0-0). Atalanta (4-5-1): Sportiello 7. 5. Rodriguez 5. 5, 6 Standard, Cherubin 6, Del Grosso 6 (35 ‘ st Dramè sv); Raimondi 6. 5 (29 ‘ st D’alessandro 6), Baselli, Cigarini 6 7, Maksim 6, Moralez 6. 5 (41 ‘ st Carmona sv); Denis 7 (78 Frezzolini, Scaloni, 5 6 Bellini, White 9, Zappacosta Biava 20, 22, 25, 31, Salmane Molina 99 Boakye). All. : Chanda 7. Napoli (4-2-3-1): Rafael 6, may 5. 5, Albiol, dos Santos 5 5. 5, Ghoulam 5. 5 (44 ‘ st 6 Zapata); Inler 6, Lopez 5. 5 (29 ‘ st Jorginho sv); Callejon, Hamsik 5 5. 5 (19 ‘ 6.5th Distinguished), Mertens 6. 5. Higuain 6 (15 Colombo, 45 Andujar, Henrique, 5 4 Britos, De Guzman, 16 6 Mesto, Radosevic 22). All. Benitez 5. 5. Referee: Damato di Barletta 5. 5. networks: in St. Denis, the 12 ‘ to 41 ‘ Higuain recovery: 1 ‘ and 5 ‘. Corners: 6-4 for the Naples Expelled: Cigarini to 37 ‘ st for double admonition Ammonites: Rodriguez, Ghoulam, Raimondi, Standard for intervention, Cigarini gives away to protests, Mertens for simulation. Paying spectators: 4. 204, 10 subscribers. 678.60 Recessed. 292 euros. Note: Sportiello para a penalty to Higuain to 48 ‘ st * * goals: 12 ‘ st-perfect cross for Raimondi to Denis, that emerges behind and Albiol brings in. 41 ‘ st-Distinguished serves Higuain who stops, turns around and puts the ball in corner. . Similar information can be inspected clicking

Immigration to increase 18%: 46 thousand are foreigners of Sardinia.

. The number of people in search of Fortune is greater than the number of those arriving. E ‘ quanto emerge from presentation of promoted by Unar and the Sardinian side from industrial relations Research Centre (Csri) of the University. of industrial relations Research Centre, explains Monica Skinny microphone: The demographic decline of Sardinia, between low birth rate and emigration, is reversed by inflows, which are still among the lowest in Italy. Although there is a crisis in the island-stresses instead, Professor of labour law at the University of Cagliari-increase due to births and family reunification rather than to new migratory flows. Are over 18 per cent more than in 2012, about 2.5% of the population of Sardinia. Dellosul given national impact. Cagliari is in first place, throughout the province, follows Olbia-tempio with. The Marmilla is the Italian region with the lowest density of foreigners. The immigrants on the island is, the African, the 17.5 23.4 in Asia. At the top there are. There is also quality immigration, but persists a clear disparity of salaries between a worker and an Italian immigrant-explains the teacher-are classified at a lower level than their professionalism. There are still too many discriminations and clichés to debunk. One for all:. In addition, the crisis of the birth rate-Sardinia is in last place in Italy-combine to make up a deficit harmful to the economy. EU studies they say clearly:. The Conference linked to the presentation of the dossier has been coordinated by the President of the Fnsi that highlighted the role of information. Need help to understand this complex phenomenon beyond stereotypes still too prevalent, he stressed. . Root data could be studied reading the following

Computer technology: Building on the super computer.

For example by HP. The Silicon Valley pioneer wants to reinvent the computer. By tiny sensors until down to the super computer – the new technology that HP is confident, but also a little misleading calls the machine, a lot could make in the future to several orders of magnitude faster and smaller, more energy-saving all these devices. The new technology gives us the opportunity and the way to rethink how we build computers, says Kirk Bresniker, the Chief Architect for the project of the machine. It is also high time to change something. Given that the technique previously used finds a in less than two decades to their physical limits. Then it would be over so that affordable computer chips approximately every one and a half years twice as fast count since the 1960s as their predecessors. Long worked, and still more computer work according to the same method: we dug a little into the archives, told Bresniker, actually decades ago there was a British computer that has worked basically on the same principle as that of today. . Original source may be found reading the following

Defamation, fines for online publications.

Journalists accused of defamation in the press do not face more jail time, but a pecuniary penalty of up to 50 000 euros. Fixed price which is also extended to online publications recorded. Are two of the principal new to ddl Defamation fired this morning from the floor of the Senate. The measure must return to the House for the final go-ahead. The interdiction by the journalistic profession for six months, moreover, will activate ‘ only in case of recidivism ‘ repeated ‘, not ‘ simple ‘ as expected so far. The Bill also introduces the right to oblivion and grinding. For the first, the interested party can ask the web sites and search engines eliminate defamatory and in case of refusal may ask the Court to order the removal. With regard to the corrigendum should instead be published free of charge within two days of receipt of the request, without reply, without comment and without title and mentioning the title, date and author of the item to be adjusted. The obligation to rectify applies to newspapers, periodicals, news agencies, for newspapers online, which will send the correction to users who have had access to the news which they relate. The correction should not be published if their contents susceptible to criminal prosecution or is open to false.   . Inspirational source could be found checking this

Assembly: the marathon runners of the budget.

A week ago, MEPs adopted the 2015 budget revenue component. Yesterday, that of social security. In a few days, they will attack spending bill to finance, until 18 November. Then in December, they will discuss the Finance Act Amendment 2014. The Assembly, the vote on the budget, it is at least two months of work and hundreds of hours, including at night. Run the budget marathon, to be an athlete. "I am in my 21 budget. It is true that, when we meet twenty members in the hemicycle, a Friday at 3 o’clock in the morning, we sometimes wonder what we are doing here! People are dead! "blows the enarque Charles de Courson (IDU), an elder of the Court of Auditors, champion undisputed of budget sport. "The most beautiful specimen of amendment that I have ever seen, it’s 83 pages on business tax reform!" is reacting to the elected representative of the Marne. Vice-President of the commission of finance, ecologist Eva Sas, a graduate of Essec, who spent most of his career in the private sector where she expertisait accounts for works councils, confirms: it’s exhausting. Budget period, that is from 9: 30 am – 1 hour in the morning, shows the eluted from 41 years, mother of 3 children. It is also frustrating because we have little room for manoeuvre. But there is a real intellectual pleasure to discover the political meaning of the figures, what hidden. It’s like investigative work.  "The opposition also has solid exhausting athletes! This is also true for Gaby Charroux, Communist Mayor of Martigues (Bouches du Rhône). They are just two of his group to take turns at the Finance Committee: "I fly from 6 hours in Martigues. Last week, I sat up until 2 in the morning, it is commonplace,"describes this former school psychologist. "It wasn’t my training. I came there by municipal management. At the meeting, I had to make efforts as it is detailed. But a budget, it is the heart of any political decision. Understand it, is knowing what you want to go,"said the Mayor become rapporteur for the budget of the RSA and insertion. PS, the Rapporteur of the budget, Valérie Rabault, 41 years, Vice-President of the commission of finance, is a size (engineer in civil engineering, former head of the supervision of the risks of BNP Paribas). Nicknamed the banker, that yet "reported" stocky texts as the Banking Act or the fight against tax fraud does not affect Earth. The opposition also has strong athletes like former Minister of Budget UMP Eric Woerth. HEC and Sciences-po Paris, formed the budgetary expertise in Pechiney and Andersen, he loves the budgetary matters as other gardens. "It’s the key to the effectiveness of any public policy. This is not an intuitive subject. But behind this technique, there is the essence of a policy.  "Amazing passion? "It may very well love film, books and budgets. It is less numbers than what they want to say who is exciting, decrypts it. A budget, it is not so arid that much. This is the life! » . You should read this article to read more regarding this interesting topic.