Sperm whales beached in Vasto, carcases pulled to shore: open inquiry into deaths of cetaceans.

Broad-were pulled ashore in the night the three sperm whales dead who were part of a pod of seven washed ashore yesterday morning on the beach of Punta Penna in Vasto, in Punta Aderci natural reserve. With mechanical shovels were collected and laid on the sand. It’s three daughters; one had reached sexual by maturity. Their lengths range from 7 metres and thirty centimeters to 8 meters and 90 centimeters. Of the four surviving whale, you are directed to the North, at the moment we have no information. Throughout the night, forbidden zone at the entrance by the Mayor of the Town of Vasto, Luciano Lapenna, was supervised by volunteers of the civil protection municipal unit. Currently, the whole area watched by coast guard personnel of vast. Around late morning started Extensive post-mortem examination on three sperm whales dead. Internal and external inspection is carried out on the same stretch of beach where you are stranded specimens. The Coordinator Sandro Mazzariol, of Cert (Cetacean stranding Emergency Response Team) of the University of Padua, joined by experts from the same University, of the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale of Abruzzo and Molise Giuseppe Caporale and of the Centro studi Cetaceans onlus. You will have to ascertain whether these diseases cetaceans had to cause the loss of orientation and the subsequent stranding. a long and complex but we are in a position-explains Mazzariol-to operate a few hours after their death. We may also verify the ear cos of sperm whales to determine whether they suffered injuries at the eardrums. Surely there were disturbing elements that have produced the disorientation of cetaceans. The researcher at the University of Padua thanked the men of Capitaneria di Porto di Vasto, the SLA provincial veterinary service of Chieti and the hundreds of volunteers who have made to call off the four sperm whales saving them from certain death. You are directed to the North, but it should be more normal that should change direction, also because their life takes place in deep seabed as the Greek coasts. We know that the last sightings were made on the Croatian coast. The veterinary service of Asl will handle instead of disposing of carcasses, which are buried in a land already identified by the town of Vasto. .

Air France strike: a flight on two will be canceled Monday.

Pilot unions have announced a "massive" strike It will cause in fact the cancellation of at least a flight on two from Monday 05 h, according to the CEO of Air France. "It has received statements (strikers, Editor’s note) for Monday flights. On the basis of what we have currently, believed it will have to operate 50% of flights about", said Frédéric Gagey on France Inter Saturday morning, encrypting the cost of this strike between 10 and 15 million euros per day. On the site of Air France, it is mentioned that the "programme of flights will be adapted and published on the eve of the trip. The company offers to its clients who had booked between 15 and September 22 of "anticipate (your) before travel September 15, 2014 or the delay between 23 and 30 September 2014 included, free of charge, within the limit of available seats" by changing the reservation via the website, mobile sites or at a point of sale. .

The ‘Blue Moon’, a unique Blue Diamond outlined in Los Angeles.

The Museum of natural history of Los Angeles unveiled Friday the "Blue Moon Diamond", a 12 diamond Carat deep blue and exceptional quality, destined to go down in history, say the conservatives.  Round, deep blue and an extreme radiance, the ‘Blue Moon’ is ‘an extremely important discovery, one of the rarest stones discovered recently because of its color, clarity and size’, says in a statement the Museum, which displays this gem until January. For the French Eloïse Gaillou, curator of the Department of minerals and precious stones of the Museum, the ‘Blue Moon’ is one of the most important stones discovered these past 100 years. It has been found this year in South Africa.  Only a few blue diamonds in the world are larger, such as the "Heart of Eternity," estimated at $ 16 million, or the ‘Hope’ of 45 carats, valued at $ 350 million. This Midwest stone that belonged to the Kings of France to the reputation of being a cursed diamond which earned a fine tragic in its successive owners. It is exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington. According to Eloïse Gaillou, the scarcity of ‘Blue Moon’ comes from its color pure, intense, a vivacious, much more saturated than the grey blue of the ‘Hope ‘.  Most diamonds are gaining in value when they are totally colorless, except in the case of an exceptional shade of pink, yellow, red and especially, blue, color the rarest and most sought after, obtained thanks to the presence of boron an element chemical metalloid. "Found a diamond blue per year, typically a much smaller of 2,3,4 Carat stone" in the mine of Cullinan in South Africa where it was discovered, explained to AFP Suzette Gomez, Director of Cora International, a tailor and US seller of precious stones of great value, owner of the ‘Blue Moon ‘.  Mine gives its name to the largest diamond in the world, "Cullinan", a colorless gross 3. 100 carats estimated at $ 400 million. The market value of the ‘Blue Moon’, which took six months to be cut, is not yet known, but Suzette Gomez points out that the gross 29 carat stone originally was acquired by Cora to 26 million. It adds that half less big blue diamonds have already sold 2 million dollars per carat,. Knowing that over a stone is big, more the carat is expensive. .

Ukraine, new column of Russian aid. The Government: «Putin wants to conquer the whole country. “

The column of Russian aid arrived today in Lugansk, in Eastern Ukraine, is composed, according to Russia Today, from 200 trucks carrying 2. 000 tons of food, medicines, electricity generators and equipment for water purification. The convoy completed the task of crossing the frontier from Izvarino around 8 a.m. in Moscow (the 6 in Italy). The Red Cross is not accompanying the column because it has not received an official notification of the agreement between Russia and Ukraine. The goal of the Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin to take the entire Ukraine. The Ukrainian premier said Arseni Iatseniuk, quoted by the Unian news agency. According to the head of the Kiev Government, despite truce in place by 5 September between Ukrainian troops and the militia filorussi, the Kremlin has an interest in continuing to destabilize the situation in Eastern Ukraine. Kiev’s secret services (Sbu) raided the offices of a newspaper considered pro-Russian and have banned from entering Ukraine to Russian reporter 35 causing the reaction of the Committee to protect journalists and the Osce that they asked Kiev to respect the role and freedom of the media. The day before yesterday the Sbu agents broke into the headquarters of the newspaper Vesti and seized the servers in an inquiry to attack with the territorial integrity of Ukraine. According to Igor Guzhva, owner of the holding company which includes the newspaper, the search comes after the publication of an article about an apartment in New York, the daughter of the Commander of intelligence Valentin Nalivaicenko. The President of the Ukrainian National Council for radio and television broadcasting has also done Artemenko Sharon know that 35 Russian journalists banned from entering Ukraine for a period of three to five years. Issues relating to national security, "said the head of the Osce media Dunja Mijatovic-should not justify disproportionate restrictions to the freedom of expression and freedom of the media. .

Radhakrishnan: the EU no lessons. And ‘ clash with Katainen.

from our MILAN sent A repartee at a distance, which leaves in the morning while in Milan is starting the Eurogroup meeting, under the Italian Presidency. Matteo Renzi to ignite dust from Palazzo Chigi and does as he happens often through Twitter: we respect the 3% we are among the few to do so-enter-from Europe so don’t expect lessons but the 300 billion investments by Juncker. The line that says already more times in the past few weeks: our country ownership, rester commitments within EU constraints but will move to propel growth. Extra for the premier’s rejection of any mark Shaw that could come from EU institutions, whether in Brussels or Frankfurt. Thursday was touched to the ECB take note of the worsening economic situation and accounts, and call on the Italian Government to do more. The response to premier arrives for the Committee in the afternoon. And not by any character: to speak Finnish to Katainen, designated as Executive Vice President Juncker with wide powers of supervision over economic and financial choices. Asked about the words of Renzi, express the role it intends to take in the coming months: we are not teachers but we cast than all countries respect the commitments made and of what they have promised to other countries. In short, the former Finnish premier claims the right if not give lessons at least check your homework in the Member States. The ECONOMIC SITUATION and on this point a replica, but pi technique and sotto voce, also comes from the Minister of economy. Which argues how the objective of a deficit/GDP ratio at 2.6%, to explicit admission of the European Central Bank is in a very different context, more favourable economic growth. There then an obvious implications for public finances. In short, the deficit will be higher than previously indicated, although below the 3 percent of the product, and Italy however rispetter its commitments. Called for on a corrective manoeuvre possibility for this year. Padoan not sbilancia: we’re working on the stability law that by definition impacts on accounts. The measure put in place by October 15 could therefore contain next to posts for the next year and later also some adjustments on 2014, which would in any case of slight entity. Far more difficult to find the resources needed to finance the confirmation of 80 euro bonus and any new tax relief for businesses, prompted by the Eurogroup. For sure the Italian Government intends to keep the line followed so far and therefore not ask specific shortcuts for our country. The theme also evoked by Renzi, that investment can restart the productive machine of Europe. In the background, but even so, there the ECB dragons ready to put in additional measures asking in return consistent choices to the various national Governments. Yesterday confirmed that Dragons Frankfurt partir undoubtedly with the purchase of securitized securities (Abs), although the States will not be willing to grant their guarantee. But if this we will, the Central Bank is not safe and the limiter Abs take some risk in pi, then expanding the beneficial effect on lenders and reflected on the economy. .

A waitress wins $ 11 million Lotto but retains his job.

They are a few million players to dream of the chance to win the 65 million euros set game this Friday night by Euromillions. And this dream is Rondha Meath, age 51, and her husband Joe who approached him this summer by winning nearly 12 million dollars (9 million euros) in Lottery us. More crazy yet: this waitress, mother of four children, decided to keep his job, as reported by Metronews who spotted their history. "I love my job. I work in a fantastic location, and I have absolutely no intention to leave", actually told Rondha to KSTP-TV American. And in fact, it has indeed retained his job in a small brewery from Minnesota (United States). The couple insists on keeping a life both simple and healthy, despite the large sum that they have seen late August. And rather than leave their money sleep on an account, the couple planned to give a portion to the Canine Foundation of the St. Paul police. ‘They collect funds and dedicated 100 percent to the dogs’ assured Joe that according to Metronews, also intends to finance the studies of the adolescent who sold them the ticket. .

Farewell to the Institute of journalism? The Government Cross abandons him.

Palermo, 12. 09.2014-(Catanzarogiuseppe)-for the second consecutive year the institution born in October 1953, will not be able to celebrate her birthday but more importantly lives in the absolute uncertainty not having a President nor a legal representative and being left out of the public funding that the notices are not yet published. For the last two years as a result of the deletion of table h and its revival in various formulas only for some organizations, the Institute is in a stalemate and this year will not schedule any activity.  should participate in a public tender but the timing and the manner of the announcement are not compatible with an "academic" calendar that should be presented within this month.  has not provided any assistance other than in this formula, so even this year, as well as in 2013, the Institute will provide its training offer only after regional ban that even though it has not been published.  in collaboration with the Association of journalists of Sicily, with whom an agreement exists, this year you may not be able to put in even these minimal field activities.  Jun is closed again and the employees, since April without pay and without social safety nets which could go for two and a half years, now find themselves in a rather embarrassing situation.  (resigned in 2012 and never replaced) and the legal representative last month he resigned to the regional Department of education. In summary there is an Institute with its own venue, there are 10 permanent employees who are without salary, cannot get into school and work and are awaiting the appointment of a new legal representative from the region to reopen the institution and return to plan and carry out the training. .

Justice, Davigo: “unnecessary Reforms, the State stop favouring the culprits”.

We depart from holiday of judges: the Government wants to reduce by two weeks because you are the only civil servants who go on vacation days and 45 have to increase productivity. Meanwhile, isn’t it: we have the same vacation of a senior Carabinieri Marshal. And then it makes no sense to compare the magistrates to the managers of the PA. Us, on vacation, we have to write the sentences and measures. Our holidays abeyance not mica deposit conditions of atti: If we delay, we end up in disciplinary proceedings. Then the State have non-working on Saturday and overtime, we no. And not only that: in the Prosecutor, when the pm has a round, working 36 hours straight, as much as the State all week. But, after 36 hours, mica is at home. Measure the time the magistrate is not neither in Heaven nor on Earth. Though judicial offices closed from 31 July to 15 September. Other dances. Do not close ever. That is the working of the suspension, which now is confused with the magistrates. Hospitals do not have mica, yet doctors on vacation there should be the same. The suspension of the terms used for lawyers, which otherwise you would stop ever, if they were to settle appeals or defensive memories all year long. For us instead the terms shall take effect even in summer, because we make the rounds. However this story to increase our productivity by law is foolish to ignore: even if it were possible, would not solve anything. and then the Italian magistrates are the most productive of all 48 Member States of the Council of Europe. And who says?The CEPEJ report, Commission européenne pour l ‘ efficacité de la Justice, organ of the Council of Europe. The Italy has 14.8 judges every 100 thousand inhabitants, as many as the France, against 11.6 of the United Kingdom and Germany 30.7. In the civilian, in Germany each judge receives 54.86 new causes and define at first instance 78.86; in France receives 224.15 and defines 215.67; in Italy receives 438.06 and defines 411.33. In criminal matters, a German judge receives and processes 42.11 42.91 closes, one French receives 80.92 and closes 87.06, an Italian receives 190.71 and closes 181.09. We Italians we work twice and four French colleagues of the Germans. Yet the dossiers arrears accumulate to millions. But because we do too many processes, not because we work a little! Over the past 30-40 years the judges have almost doubled, from 5 to 9 thousand, and so resources and productivity. Meanwhile, the litigation has tripled. Mica for our fault: why we all end up in the courts, also what should not. The problem is not the magistrates, but the litigation is out of control and measurement. Politicians have created a regulatory system that protects more who violates the law that victims. But nobody talks about it, nor think about reforms that agree to change the trend. The Decree of the Government accelerates and deflaziona the civil trial: first degree in a year and a half the arrears over three years. And why not in six months? If enough write must be a process to get it last less, we would have already thought of someone else. Come to mind i Promessi Sposi, when the Grand Chancellor Antonio Ferrer ‘ saw, and who would not have seen? that being the bread at a fair price is a very desirable thing; and thought, and here was the mistake, that his order could be enough to produce it,. Did as a woman was young, that he thought of ringiovinire, altering his faith by baptism ‘. Question: and if approved the Decree on the causes of the first degree in one year, the causes for more than a year, that you do? We are serious: now the debtor does not pay the creditor because it suits him go and stand up in court, so in the end, if ever you prove that that money owed them, pay them after years, and at a much lower interest than those that would be paid to the Bank if he asked for a loan to pay immediately. The Decree of the Government wants to encourage the parties to rely on external referees, an agreement between their respective lawyers, not to clog the courts and do before. Belle cries introduce draconian measures which do not take account of reality. Those who have wronged the knows to be wrong: resist in court because it suits him. If you don’t want to pay first, won’t pay even now. Why on earth should surrender and pay immediately, when it can do so from many years, ever since the creditor is able to demonstrate its good right? Ditto the defendant guilty in fine: it knows to be guilty, but rather than negotiate worth, do you all three degrees of judgement, so maybe grabs the prescription. What do you suggest, she, to reduce the duration of processes?You have to reduce the number by changing the rules to make reasonable judgements and not appeal to those who have wronged or is guilty. I.e. protect who suffers an injury or a crime more than anyone who commits. And encourage citizens to behave well, while in Italy the system encourages them to misbehave. But nobody talks about it. Also because halving the cases and bring them to the level of France would mean halving the income of lawyers, which are 250 000 and increased by 15 thousand (until you put the numerus clausus in the Faculty of law). I doubt that a political class who can’t resist the weak taxi lobby wants to really challenge the powerful lobby advocates. And in criminal matters?The same speech. The incentive to be processed and to appear in all grades of judgement is called prescription. Why, in your opinion, in the Usa the 90% of the accused pleads guilty and negotiate? Because, if a defendant pleads innocent, do you process with ordinary rite and then it turns out that he was guilty, damaged him with pains so high that the other goes the urge to lie. In Italy you can negotiate without plead guilty, and then even resorting to the Court of Cassation against the plea bargain agreed with pm; Meanwhile, the limitation period continues to run and can take one minute before the final judgment. The 15% of appeals in Cassation against the settlements: but you can go on like this? One of the Government’s Bill offers 2 years appellate courts upon conviction of first degree and 1 year in Cassation before prescribing shots. If, however, on appeal the conviction is quashed, the bonus is withdrawn. Look, it is very simple: the prescription should stop running after the indictment. As is already provided for in the civil trial (where stops just one makes you cause). It is the only effective system to discourage delaying the appeals and pretexts. Among other things, only our Constitution establishes the principle of innocence until final judgment. The European Convention on human rights says that one is presumed innocent until conviction ‘: first, not third grade. From us just a jerk don’t grab the first sentence: if it doesn’t, the judgment becomes final and, if it is out, can end up in prison; If, on the other hand, is already in prison, can go out for commencement of the terms. Another Government Bill tightens the mesh of the civil liability of judges: they say that the current law, the vassals of 1988, he betrayed the Craxi’s referendum and Pannella. Hear, don’t speak to me because, according to the Supreme Court, are the Court of last resort, so for the current reason for Vulgate definition ,. But let us reason. Those who want direct responsibility, allowing the party or the defendant to sue his judge, does not know what he would do because it says: and the judge, although it has done nothing wrong, to oblige them to abstain from the process. And so in the chain, with the result that you would no longer process. I would add that, in the Anglo-Saxon system, very popular in Italy, especially among those who do not know, the judges don’t respond, period. Except, of course, that commit crimes. Renzi says: "he who errs must pay". Bravo. But if one does the driver in a public office, who pay his car insurance? The State, not him. We will pay for themselves. But if it were extended to the area of our civil responsibility, forcing us to make for very large sums, we could make an industrial action for us to reimburse the State: mica do judges to enjoy ourselves, we are at the service of the State. Any comparison with other professions is improper, because we, whatever decision we take, always someone: scontentiamo in the civilian, one of two parts; in criminal proceedings, the accused or the victim. Our function is inherently confrontational, so much so that I wonder the statistics that give us a 40% consensus: we should have the 0%. If one loses the trial, blames the judge. But whoever wins, I think it is the judge: he thinks that he has given no reason why he had. It had never happened to a premier that, criticisms of the Anm, responds: "Brrr that fear"?Well, even they had threatened with who knows what consequences! The Anm has criticized the Government’s proposals, that’s all. And incidentally, while sympathetic to 100 to 100 with the Anm, I I when calling for more resources: on the understanding that the money there is, the more resources mean more litigation. The mistake is to consider the cost of Justice: it is a source of revenue. Between fines, fines and confiscated goods, there would be enough to keep the cost of Justice. The Court of Cassation, for each appeal inadmissible, inflicts a penalty of 1. 000 euros: 250 thousand euros per day only for the seventh section. If the State did something for cash, incamererebbe many of those money that would be enough to keep the entire Supreme Court. Instead of cashing in less than 5%. Not to mention the enormous assets seized in evaders and corrupt mobsters: might not be able to make them yield? At the cost of selling them, rather than leave them to the municipalities that have no money for maintenance and send them down the drain. It is right to anticipate from 75 to 70 years your retirement age?Mah, the slogan ‘ off to young ‘ makes no sense. It’s because you discover hundreds of managerial posts, where the current 72enni be replaced by 68enni. And because there are no young people: now there are 1300 organic magistrates. It would be better to first ban the competitions to fill the empty seats (between announcement, competition, exams, training and operational spend 5 years) and then think about the retirement age. That is not urgent. Which makes it incomprehensible decree-law. What are the first two reforms that would you, if you could?Instead of dealing with unnecessary things, would abolish the prohibition of reformatio in peius in appeal. If you condemn and use, you should know that you can be sentenced to a higher penalty. As in France, where only 40% of prison sentences to be executed are appellate. In Italy you can not. Which encourages everyone to try: sore that goes, don’t risk anything, but don’t go into prison to serve the sentence and maybe take the prescription. Why shouldn’t they try? And then would abolish the appeal in cassation for apparent illogicality of motivation: simply and progresses that for violation of the law. In Britain there is a strict filter, so much so that many installments bringing marking appeals loss of time, loss of time. In the Usa, to grasp, to be agreed on 9 4 judges of the Supreme Court, which examines less than 100 complaints a year. Our Appeal, 100 thousand. And in the civilian?I would impose a judicial interest rate much saltier than banking, to discourage debtors from stand up in court. Do you think tax committees that examine taxpayers ‘ complaints is provided for a unified contribution based on the value of the case. But many do not pay and the complicated recovery procedures start: sufficient force that the contribution is paid immediately, otherwise the application is inadmissible. As Adam Smith, is not from the goodness of Baker, butcher, Brewer that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interests ‘. .

Usa, prof kicked out of University of Illinois: “anti-Israel Comments on Gaza”.

Freedom of expression. Limits to the right of criticism. Intellectual autonomy. Are the principles at stake these days at Urbana, Illinois, where the University has withdrawn a job offer to a Professor accused of having used tones too heavy on criticism of Israel during the Gaza conflict. Pressure for the removal of academician would be exercised by some private lenders of the college; many professors Americans have meanwhile taken a position alongside colleague, threatening to boycott the University. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is one of the most important and respected institutions in the State. It has seventeen campuses, the second largest University Library in the United States; is public, but like all great American universities has extensive private funding and a budget that is close to two billion dollars. So when last October Steven Salaita was seen offering a full-time position in the Department of American Indian Studies, did not think twice. He left the post of English teacher at Virginia Tech, he asked his wife, also an academic, to do the same; and with his son, a cat and an old blind dog moved to Illinois. Salaita judgements were part of the huge and seething world of thoughts and words of Twitter. But, coming from a professor at the University of Illinois, have not escaped many. above all, do not have escaped to the chancellor of the University, Phyllis Wise, that after a few days decided to withdraw the offer at Salaita. The official justification was "uncivil" comments and a disrespectful and humiliating rhetoric ", capable of promoting only anger". From one day to another, therefore, the young professor found himself out of work and out of American academia. L’affaire Salaita is really exploded when a local newspaper, laNews Urban Gazette, published e-mails that a group of wealthy private lenders the University mainly former students, sent to the headmaster’s Office, demanding the removal of the professor. "As a Jew, and fond of Israel, I find no other way to raise my voice," was written in an email announcing the stop donations. A couple said: ‘ we put a stop to funding at the University and ask for our old comrades to do the same. Hoping that this cut prompts you, in a way that morality, common sense and decency were unable to do. " The University now deny that the threat of cuts to donations have counted in the decision to dismiss Salaita. "There are his opinions, there enters the incendiary nature of his comments, he cannot find a place in democracy," said a spokesman. During a press conference held Tuesday, the first since the beginning of the case, has said Salaita e-mails are "part of an effort across the country by wealthy and well-organized groups to attack and to silence students and professors pro-Palestine". The risk to Salaita, is to create "an exception to the first amendment Palestinian". In other words, the freedom of expression that is, but not when it comes to Palestine. No one knows yet what will decide the teacher fired. For now, Salaita was limited to seek reinstatement, hinting at the possibility of suing the University; which offered cash compensation, but no restoration. The crisis has already created negative repercussions for the University of Illinois. In protest, several academics have canceled their lessons and lectures on campus. David Blacker, Delaware law professor, has cancelled a seminar next September 29 explaining that case Salaita view "the vulnerability of academic freedom". The case then widens and becomes increasingly embarrassing for the University of Illinois, who is facing a tough choice: follow the wishes of donors, losing academics; or give reason to academics, renounced the money lenders. .

Spain: drop in prices for consumption to 0.5% in August.

The consumer price fell well from 0.5% in Spain in August over one year, according to final figures published Friday, while fears of deflation are growing in the euro area. These are the sectors of transport, in particular the decline in fuel prices, as well as food and non-alcoholic beverages that have most contributed to this development, says the national Institute of statistics (Ine) in a press release. Over one month, prices have however increased slightly, by 0.2%, indicates the Ine. The Spain is not an isolated case in the eurozone where inflation slowed down to 0.3 per cent last month after 0.4 percent in July, although far from the objective of the European Central Bank to a rate slightly lower than 2%. This reinforces the fears of deflation, which is a generalized decline in prices. It can cause a vicious circle for the economy: consumers would be encouraged to suspend their purchases in the hope of further falls in prices, companies to decrease their production to fit demand, resulting in a lowering of salaries, which, in turn, would reduce demand and prices. The Spain has experienced such an episode in 2009, in the midst of crisis. This danger worries the ECB so much that she decided early in the month to pull out the heavy artillery to revive growth and counter the risk of deflation in the euro zone. After having already promised a series of measures in June, the ECB again lowered its rates and announced a program not quantified redemption of debt securities. .