Failure of the moment.

Karen after a wet happy in the colleagues Bacher embarks on an affair with the attractive Attorney Caroline by Santos (Julia Thurnau). On the way home, he watched a fight of a couple of junkie in a dark Park. The still-agitated Bacher wants to come to the assistance of the woman, is with a bottle on the aggressive man. The next day, he learns that the junkie is dead. Bacher bed Playmate of Santos leads the investigation precisely. Writer Norbert Ehry (crime scene Рno police) has written a script that goes far beyond the popular crime fiction clich̩s. Here it comes first and foremost not more, who for now is the killer. Instead the film like under the magnifying glass shows the loss fears and neuroses of a pair of middle class that wants to defend its status at any cost. Once you can see Bacher, as he stands on the roof of his boxy construction: a Scout on a fortress, defended his territory against foreign troops. While he has the precariat already in the House: the smart joy has ensconced himself at the Bachers, and makes future plans with his wife Leonie. But it seems that not only the white spiral staircase in the chunky luxury new construction would lead almost into nothingness. Cinematographer Anton finds climate repeatedly flipped settings and oblique perspectives, to represent this world troubled out of joint. Director Friedemann Fromm turned even prefer the WDR production in black and white. Figure drawing forth moment failure reminds me of movies the black series, he said according to ARD press release. Instead, the film was shot in extremely high-contrast HDR technology, which is significantly more expensive than conventional formats in post production. The effort has paid off in any case. . For extra insights regarding this matter visit homepage.

Tarn: brief hospitalization of fasters against the dam of Sivens.

Three activists against the proposed construction of the dam of Sivens (Tarn), strike hunger since the end of August, have been hospitalized for eight hours Tuesday, and one of them finally gave up to pursue his younger, learned from other opponents. These three inhabitants of the Tarn, aged for 50 years, had observed between 48 and 53 days of hunger strike, told AFP the vice – president (Greens Europe-ecologie) of the regional Council and practitioner François Simon, who accompanied them to the emergency room Tuesday in Toulouse. One of the three, too tired, decided to stop his protest fast. But the two others continue, health has not shown to date of injury severity, ” said Mr. Simon. They were examined Tuesday morning by emergency room doctors at Toulouse and remained under observation at the Purpan University hospital until the middle of the afternoon, assured this elected EELV. The spokesman of the collective Testet, Ben Lefetey, had argued that these three middle-aged had lost between 16 and 25 kilos. Their request is very modest: it is that the report of the two experts appointed by the Minister of ecology Ségolène Royal be made public, said Mr. Simon. From the moment the Minister simply agrees to make public the report of expertise, their hunger strike stops, said Mr. Lefetey. On the site of the proposed dam-reservoir of 1.5 million m3 of stored water in Lisle-sur-Tarn near Gaillac, deforestation operations were regularly marked by skirmishes between security forces and opponents. Without interrupting the work, Ms. Royal had created, on 8 September, an expert mission to assess the quality and ambition of the project of territory and compensatory measures to conserve the biodiversity of the site. Opponents believe that the Department is currently seeking the scenario that will least angry actors, round the corners, without disavowing the general Council and the services of the State of the Tarn, according to Mr. Lefetey. A new demonstration of opponents is scheduled Saturday on the site, to take part the MEP (EELV) José Bové and the leader of the left party (PG) Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Dam, worn by the general Council of the Tarn, public project aims to support the flow of the Tescou, a small tributary of the Tarn, and secure the water supply of nearby farms. . For extended data regarding this matter check hyperlink.

New Zealand: a school without any rule!

I was one of those teachers who said crossing the bike, don’t climb the tree Court,. And then a voice in my head questioned me on what was wrong with it. I realized that if children are injured, they will learn of this episode, explains the main news. com to the. Thus, students together resolve their differences, aided mostly by the greatest. It is also up to them to manage the time to return to school. Even if no accident was never regretted in his establishment, do not dramatize this type of situation as it is customary today. We are increasingly attentive to the safety of the child, and there’s more room at random. Once it falls, and it is not the fault of his comrade, nor the fault of the teacher who had a lack of supervision, it is life. The child must understand that everything is not rationalizable, he concludes. . For extended facts on this topic check homepage.

GDP by 7.3 per cent: China’s growth is shrinking.

The Government is nevertheless satisfied. The growth slowed down to something, the spokesman of China’s Statistics Bureau, Sheng Laiyun, admits. But the creation of new jobs is progressing well. In the first nine months, nearly 11 million new jobs were created in the cities. Inflation is stable. Overall, China’s economy moves so in an appropriate context. In the face of the difficult international environment and the restructuring of our economy, it was not easy to achieve this. Instead the Government puts money back in smaller stimulus measures such as the development of infrastructure. She want to prevent rapid cooling – for fear of social unrest. We believe that the Government and the Central Bank because of the risks continue to prop up the economy, says Julia Wang, economist with the major bank HSBC in Hong Kong. You will facilitate investments from the private sector. And they will show open in credit growth. The Government could so to loosen monetary policy, lowering interest rates and pumping more money into the markets. Biggest problem remains China’s real estate market. The House prices falling almost across the country. Decreased sales volume by nearly 11 percent in the current year. The sector is full of insecure loans. He could bring down the financial system in a lopsided and with pull down the rest of the economy, so the fear. The Government abolished several purchase restrictions for flats in recent months to prop up the market. And who wants to buy a property, is now also easier on a loan. . Main source could be read checking the following

Soylent: The end of the meal.

Actually, Rob Rhinehart with food had nothing at all to the hat. The 25 year old worked in San Francisco with two partners on a way to produce low-cost mobile phone masts. 170. 000 dollars in start-up capital had get them, but the idea just as quickly as the money drained. 70. 000 dollars were left as Rhinehart and his partner decided to try it until the money would be used up as long as with other software ideas. Rhinehart and his roommate before her refrigerator ended up looking for a way to push the spending. He was filled with unhealthy soups and frozen pizzas, which were on the money. Food was a big load, Rhinehart wrote in a blog post. That he ever needed it bugged him. He wanted to use the time that he put in the preparation and the shopping, more meaningful. The trained engineer began to work your way through the Web pages of the U.S. food and drug administration, bought in the Internet pills and powders that contained the necessary nutrients – and mixed everything in a blender with water. He called the result of Soylent, a tongue-in-cheek allusion to the sci-fi classic Soylent Green about overpopulation and pollution, in which the Government handles people to pills. For one and a half years, feeds on Rhinehart claims his drink – and is no longer the only one. The daily ration comes in a plain white bag, supplemented with a small bottle of oil – a design that fits the Apple generation. Touched with water Soylent supplies the body with 2 000 calories – no afternoon deep, no feeling of hunger, and all for $10 a day, so promises Rhinehart. Meanwhile, his company of Rosa Labs has prominent supporters such as the venture capitalists Andreessen Horowitz and Y Combinator. Daily the entrepreneur receives new orders to the value of approximately 10 000 dollars, is already profitable according to own the company. Programmer from San Francisco have under DIY. Soylent. me a recipe page started, on which users can put together their own formula, perfectly matched for weight and calorie consumption. Despite the misgivings: Rob Rhinehart has become the darling of the food hacking movement, as the techies call themselves, who want to work, not on new gadgets but optimize our food. Also Josh Tetrick part of it. The 33-year-old wants to produce soon after all, all factory eggs in the United States – which replace 80 billion in the year – with eggs crammed a laying hens thereof, which although taste and behave like real eggs, but just aren’t. His company Hampton Creek foods stumbled about in search on a product, by a clever linking and processing of proteins – of course everything top secret and patented the original confusingly similar to is. . For additional insights on this matter check

Ebola: Europe is concerned about an epidemic ‘exponential ‘.

In fact, the European progress is modest. Twenty-eight have agreed to appoint a "Coordinator" anti-Ebola in Brussels. It is not known if it will synchronize the action of all countries of the EU or, more modestly, the only means of European administrations. The function and the name – it is question of a woman-doctor – will be decided Thursday or Friday, when the heads of State and Government will meet in Brussels. He (or she) will be as a transatlantic partner lawyer Ron Klain, just appointed by the White House to orchestrate the American response. It is a first response to the risk of "a disjointed European response", mentioned on arrival by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Against Ebola, dissonances remain between Brussels and the Member States, between the smaller countries and those who are heavily engaged as the France and the United Kingdom, or in each capital between civil security, the ‘humanitarian’ and the military. The project, pushed by Berlin, a body European "White Helmets", which would be in health crises that peacekeepers are to the maintenance of peace, has not passed the ramp. The idea advances yet to harmonise, pooling, or even to mutualise everything what can be in the war against the African virus. The agreement finally reached on a single protocol of care and evacuation of foreign health volunteers, in the case of Ebola infection. Requested insistently by NGOs, and in particular by MSF, this warranty is indispensable to the massive recruitment of doctors, nurses and European nurse needs the West Africa already. The concern outside the home of infection on countries such as Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. In France, it is doctors without borders and its 3000 volunteers on-site who have openly asked the question: without ensuring a speedy return in the event of accidental infection, Western vocations will dry up at the precise moment where the African epidemic verges on the point of no return. "When the mortality rate reached 70%, patient, doctor or not, has only one concern: return home", said an epidemiologist who has seen others. "Without this guarantee, we will have more volunteers", adds a diplomat. Psychological argument, can add another more concrete: Africa still lacks health care facilities that compare with what can offer the northern hemisphere. But the shortage of specialized air assets, disinfection of equipment delays and finally cost-prohibitive (the EU comes to book three aircraft in the American firm Phoenix and budgeted EUR 3 million) lead to imagine another solution: install care to Western standards in Africa, primarily for foreigners. Some will speak of medicine at two speeds, Africans to one side, Westerners on the other. But need risk to act. This is the choice that made the United States and the United Kingdom who are preparing to send to Liberia and Sierra Leone respectively 3,000 and 750 soldiers, including health services. Those will have their medical units, on-site as a guarantee. . Related text can be inspected clicking

E-care: 489 redundancies with the loss of Fastweb.

Open mobility procedure for 489 workers of Cesano Boscone, E-care customer care company that counted among its customers Fastweb. And just from a non-renewal of a contract for the Group tlc, which, as explained by E-care, would match the decision to open the procedure of mobility. The sender immediately rejected accusations from Fastweb, which in a statement stressed that E-care for the contract in question has employed a maximum of about 150 people in the last year, in practice less than a third of the employees. Fastweb has always stated in a note that as early as 2012 had communicated to the vertices of the E-care customer care inbound contract would not be renewed upon expiry of September 2013 as a result of the rationalisation of orders by customer care. But at the request of the same E-care, Fastweb had agreed to extend the contract for another year, until September 2014, to allow adequate planning of activities in view of the termination of the agreement. And always for the same reasons had been proposed a further and final contract extension to March 31, 2015. However, precise offer Fastweb, not accepted by the service provider. The choice of E-care to open the procedure 489 workers mobility cannot be charged to Fastweb, reads the note of tlc who also expressed his concern over the decision to put the entire employee mobility based milanese with the risk that may impact even on teleselling that E-care still plays in favour of Fastweb via a contract of Agency. The question was also the Vice-President of the Regional Council of Lombardy, Fabrizio Cecchetti that in expressing solidarity and closeness to the employees of E-care by all the Regional Council after meeting with the workers and the management of the company to the edge of the presidio of protest organized by the Rsu in front of the gates of the factory in Cesano Boscone, said Tuesday that 21 meet the Councillor for productive activities mario melazzini why we must act now. We must urgently open a regional comparison table between the parties to find solutions as soon as they can maintain current levels of employment and avert layoffs. The situation is serious and we cannot afford to lose more jobs. . Inspirational facts may be found reading the following

TV-tip 20.10: start of series Dracula: Count Dracula asks to the economic war.

The courage to roll the known figure constellation, have not lacked so. Still lacking the bite series (ahem), the characters, especially Dracula himself, remain quite clear. It was special in the novel by Bram Stoker, but precisely that the motives of the vampire in the dark were that successful film adaptations were given this aura of mystery, menacing, evil, with Bela Lugosi or Max Schreck. Rhys Meyers Dracula, however, has gotten much too human: A schmucker guy, it is hungry for blood and love and revenge, but rather Edward from twilight as in Nosferatu reminiscent of. Also, Dracula does not offer big surprises in terms of plot. Already at the end of the first 45 minutes, the fronts are clearly defined: we know Dracula’s opponent, know why he really is back in the old world, and will witness his first advances to Mina. Perhaps, the makers have already suspected that no big time for experiments. In the United States, Dracula was cancelled after the first season and ten episodes. The end is extremely round and worth seeing advised. Almost so good that you want more food. But only almost. PS:,. or he looks in even in this, largely unknown in Germany BBC adaptation of 1977. Turn on the original date no film Dracula was closer. The last temptation of Christ 20 15: 00, DRAMA in his screen adaptation of Nikos kazantzakis’ novel Arte showed Martin Scorsese in 1988 the human side of Christ. Jesus (Willem Dafoe) don’t want to believe that he is the Messiah. He secretly pines for the whore Maria Magdalena and eventually asks to betray Judas (Harvey Keitel), to the Roman Pilate (David Bowie). As Lucifer promises him a quiet life with his wife and children, he almost abandons the plan to sacrifice themselves. It is his last temptation,. Thanks to terrific pictures (camera: Michael Ballhaus) at the time that captures accompanied and almost ignored in our passion History at any time in the United States by Church protests. (up to 22 50). You can visit this to learn extra on this amazing matter.

The closeness that revives the outbreak of ebola in Africa.

Oaks recognizes that they have had a hard work of concienciaci n in these areas. People have beliefs and observe them. But it was essential that they understood that you ten which change their traditions in this case. In this way, MSF components have reached various agreements with the citizens of these pa ses. In Guinea, where the higher the population n a professes Islam, told to be masters us the masters prepare cad see deceased relatives but that, in the process, we were going to allow the entry of an im n, dress properly to avoid contagion. But it wasn’t easy. As an example of this difficulty is what us occurred in an ocasi n, that after putting a cad to see in the ata d we sealed after, their relatives not quer an pray because sat an d nde was not the head of the deceased, which deb to look at Mecca. Since then, put one is to the on the part of the ata d where is located the head. . You should check this page to discover extra about this interesting topic.

Paris would like Berlin to invest EUR 50 million in three years.

French Ministers of economy and finance, expected Monday in Berlin, would like to see the Germany invest EUR 50 billion by 2018, as the 50 billion that Paris must save on this period, they told the German press. It is in our collective interest that the Germany invest, said Emmanuel Macron, the Minister of the economy, in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) on Monday, including the daily broadcast Sunday some extracts in German. 50 billion euros in savings at home, 50 billion investment at home, it would be a good balance, found the Minister in this interview, conducted with Finance Minister Michel Sapin. The France is committed to reducing public expenditure EUR 50 billion in the next three years, to return to the nails of the European stability and growth pact which she will again breach the public deficit limit next year and in 2016. But François Holland also pushes in that Europe, and especially Germany, one of the few countries to be able to afford it, invest to stimulate growth. For the European economy, which shows 2012 public accounts – all levels taken together, State, Länder and municipalities – equilibrium, 50 billion euros of additional expenses would be compatible with a serious budgetary policy, j. M. Macron. Mr Macron and FIR will be received Monday in Berlin by German counterparts Sigmar Gabriel and Wolfgang Schäuble to talk about ways to reinvigorate European growth stalled. But they are likely to make white cabbage with their request of 50 billion euros in German public expenditure. For Angela Merkel and his team, and especially for Mr Schäuble, the first objective is to reduce to zero next year the deficit of the federal State for the first time since 1969. This is the only way to generate trust, essential in the healing process of the eurozone, reiterated in an interview Sunday. He admits that the Germany needs investments, but refused to fund credit. . You must read this to learn more on this amazing matter.