In Naples, the camorra still shoots, killed a prejudiced.

He died in hospital in Naples after being seriously injured Louis Mele, 34 years, affected. The man died in the intensive care ward of the hospital São Paulo, at around 2.35, after a delicate surgery. Has no ties of kinship with the Neapolitan camorra clan of apples. The man was found in a bakery on via Giorgio de Grassi. Two people, with the full face helmet on his head, entered the room and shot three bullets at 34 but hit him. Mele managed to escape from a secondary port but was chased and caught by Goons who exploded four shots, three of which scored: the victim was hit by a bullet in the back and two others to the lower abdomen. Relief from 118, was transferred to the hospital in serious condition. On the site of the attack the science police in Naples found no cases. The pm the Neapolitan public prosecutor has ordered an autopsy on the body to be held in the second city’s General Hospital. . Inspirational facts may be found checking this

School: slip recruitment, betrayed hopes precarious. Protest in Rome are just ads.

The slide action on the Government’s Radio school and also the hopes of slipping those teachers who expected decisions on hiring and pensions. A growing discontent culminated today in a demonstration in Rome. In the front row the 96 quota, claiming their right to retire. Alongside the army of prof seeking stability: historical, insecure and without appropriate winners of the last contest for teachers. The classifications of merit are still full of winners without suitable and Chair-noted Angelo P., representative of the fit of the INFN-2012 the Ministry does not proclaim new contests. We were invisible until may, we don’t want to lose out again the mask. Disappointment also for ‘ 96 ‘ share, promoters of the initiative of the square. Our instance was again postponed, said Chiara Farigu representing the approximately 4. 000 thousand teachers penalized since the Reformation Fornero. Having dropped the amendment that we ensured their pensions by the Decree on public administration-added Farigu-we have promised or an ad hoc decree or a speech within the school plan. But so far we have not seen anything, and today the school plan is presented to the Council of Ministers. We ask the Board at least for December. The Government must be lower than targets announcing, so maybe unable to reach them. Mandi retired Meanwhile these 4 000 teachers and hire the first 4 thousand seasonal workers. In support of the ‘ 96 ‘ also share the judge Ferdinando Imposimato and Vittorio Lodolo D’oria, an expert in occupational diseases: eliminate teachers ‘ substitutes don’t make sense-says Lodolo, commenting on the rumors on measure-means eliminating diseases, when in 80% are pathologies related to the profession. But now i will be not leave disappointed with its hands. From the stage in piazza Santi Apostoli promised new initiatives and mobilizations and have appealed for a national demonstration to be organized before September. . Main data may be read visiting the following url.

Waive frame rents, an “unprecedented” decision for Duflot.

Former ecologist Cécile Duflot called Friday in "incredible" the decision to limit the supervision of rents in Paris, "on an experimental basis", announced by Manuel Valls.  Management of rents "was voted by unanimity of the majority and the Prime Minister alone announces its abandonment!", is she surprised before insisting at a press conference: "is not my law, it is the law of the majority, is the translation of commitment number 22 François Holland. According to her, it’s a gift to the lobbies.   "It gave way to a communication and poisoning operation forgetting hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people who suffer from the housing crisis", continued the environmentalist leader, who finds that "it had the means to act.  "I put in the service of a fight, which is not only mine, which has existed since the Abbé Pierre, which is the right to housing. It militants, there MPs, who were happy that this law is passed (,.) Coaching of rents is a common heritage of the left and environmentalists,"said MP for Paris. It denounced "the abandonment of this essential for purchasing measure" since it lowered expenditure constraint that is rent. For her, that announced Manuel Valls ‘is less a law for the construction as an act of destruction. " But while this law, complicated to implement, is also deemed to responsible party of a blockage of the rental market, the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls did not hesitate this Friday afternoon, to reject it.  This promise of campaign François Holland before its accession to the Elysee will be ‘limited to Paris’ and carried out "on an experimental basis", he said, in the middle of a range of measures that shock to restart building construction. "We have enough recoil to assess the difficulties of its implementation," said the Prime Minister, stating that "technical conditions will not be met before for months, or even years" for a larger scale application. Manuel Valls also attacked another big piece of the mandate of the former ecologist of Housing Minister with which he had a stormy relationship: the famous tax device says «Duflot» to promote rental investment. The head of Government announced a new version relaxed operative, renamed ‘Patel’, in reference to the current holder of the portfolio, Sylvia Pinel. Cécile Duflot will appreciate.   . For extended on this subject click

Lavrov: satellite images “only computer games”.

Russia has dismissed as "Computer games" the satellite images, which should prove a Russian intervention in the Ukraine. These images are unsuitable as evidence, said Foreign Minister Sergej Lawrow on Friday of the Agency Interfax. The leadership in Kiev is nervous because of the recent military successes of the separatists. "That’s why there is claims an invasion of Russia now", Lavrov. The Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has so far no evidence for the use of regular Russian troops in the Ukraine. From different sources was confirmed however, culture were that more Russian voluntary "implies in these battles" than expected, said Thomas Greminger, Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the OSCE, at the Germany radio on Friday. The Russian President Wladimir Putin criticized the Ukrainian Government on Friday with sharp words. "Their tactics reminds me of that of the fascist German troops in the Soviet Union during the second world war", Putin said according to Interfax Agency. "Cities were surrounded and destroyed by targeted shelling, including inhabitants.". For more on this subject click

Basket, Banks raise the challenge of Milan: ” it scares us not ‘ Win ‘.

Repeat, having stopped a fast which lasted from 18 years. Is this the goal of work returned to Milan EA7 to prepare for the new season. Italy champions share with a team that has remained the same for 7/12. There are no longer any Langford, Jerrels, Lawal, Kangur and Wallace. They arrived Ragland, Brooks, Meacham, Kleiza and James, from loan to Reggio Emilia is indented lilies. In Pink there is also Daniel Hackett, who after the disqualification of six months for the abandonment of national’s withdrawal will play the Euroleague but not until April in the League. A problem where Luca Banchi, the coach who brought the League title in the showcase of Olympia, gladly would have done it: ‘ ‘ keep it was a common choice. Aware of the error I made, I believe that the Olympia as technical and corporate structure to be able to give him a chance to redeem himself. The meeting with President Offsprings in the tunnel of Siena after Jerrells basket in game 6. At that moment I photographed the emotion and the perception of being really close to the finish line after all the tensions accumulated in the previous 48 hours. ‘ ‘ Repeat would be the testimony of contributing not only to stop a fast but have built a winning mentality. It’s a play on words but only WINS fueling this kind of mentality. The role of Favorites? The important thing is to be confirmed and not reject the predictions. The warn as a responsibility but also an incredible stimulus, tried both to Siena that now in Milan. It means being part of a high-level program. Since the first day in Milan, I tried to make it clear that we support to competitiveness Italian continental level because clubs, fans, players could compete at the highest level possible basketball. Last year we had to change profoundly the structure and mentality, we now have the opportunity to start from a nucleus of players and staff, consolidated. Technically, we had to make changes for the loss of some important players and other because we wanted the features ideal to complete a staff that was already competitive. Keith’s loss leaves a gap due to its unique features that make it one of the best filmmakers in Europe. I’ll miss especially the contribution which gave last year to build the team both on and off the field at a time when we had changed a lot and there were so many unknowns. He had an active role in making our project a winner. I expect games with great desire for redemption after a particular vintage. Experience, quality and not discussing potential. Now they have created ideal conditions to produce a season from the absolute protagonist. The Council coming to play for the first time in Europe is always to avoid confrontations and instead try to adapt immediately to the European style of play. Help not having to compete immediately at the highest level, but I think I might be important support that will give him a team that for 7/12 is the same. I expect the aid to cushion the impact. Contract and title of Mvp give awareness to travel the right path to become a protagonist of European Basketball at the point that you can take the jump to the Nba when the time comes with a debt even higher than that enjoyed by these days. I know little of so many new players and this will not allow me to understand itself in the Championship you hide players and teams that can really be revelations. But top teams like Sassari, Reggio Emilia and Venice have created such market blasts have thrown the mask favourites like formations that will undoubtedly start to win trophies. . For extra on this matter read

Enzo Baldoni, the Milan dedicate a square.

In 10 years since his assassination would be dutiful and civil that his adopted city, Milan, devote a street, a square, a garden to Enzo Baldoni, Freeman and curious that couldn’t stand the fundamentalists of any kind and color. The appeal was launched, by the fact, by Loris Mazzetti, journalist, author, historian Enzo Biagi’s right-hand man, one who never deserted when it was necessary to thwart gags, censorship, edicts Bulgarians. It would be a civil way to remember those who died for trying to enlighten the darkness of a wrong war in and on the merits and to pay tribute to those who have really honored the article 21 of the Constitution, unlike those who never lost an opportunity to disparage the past and diffamarlo, alive and dead. For these reasons, not only, as Article 21, we decided to launch this petition, released by the platform Change. org, but let us also ask each of you to make it turn, support it, until the city of Milan (and we are sure it will), it will collect and formally accepted. . Extended information can be inspected checking

Putin praised the success of the rebels in the East of Ukraine.

Into allegations of NATO, that significantly more than 1,000 Russian soldiers with heavy weapons within the Ukraine should operate, the President not expressed in the Declaration. NATO had published satellite images on Thursday in Mons, which should prove their assessment. Putin’s environment had stressed that Russia will have influence only on a part of the separatists. It was also about a cease-fire, the Kremlin could not negotiate because Russia was not party to the conflict, in Moscow in always. The pro-Western Government in Kiev, Putin called again for an immediate ceasefire. The Ukrainian leadership must sit down with the rebels in the East of the country on a table and resolve all problems peacefully. A prompt to set fire on the insurgents, however, does not contain the communication. Putin reiterated that Russia wants to send a further aid convoy in the Eastern Ukraine. A first column of trucks was rolled on their own before a week despite international criticism in the neighbouring country. The Ukrainian President Petro Poroschenko said in a telephone conversation with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on the situation in the crisis-hit ex – Soviet Republic. The pro-Western head of State have reaffirmed this Saturday for talks with the EU after Brussels to To want travel, it was said in Kiev. Poroshenko is to meet US President Barack Obama in Washington on September 18 for the first time. . For extra data about this matter check info.

Masterclass evening of Enrique Ponce.

Enrique Ponce prevention a Masterful evening in the arena of Avenida de Vilches. Between the m s full of his long career to good insurance. Ponce is well-liked at Almer in this place feels comfortable, p public is given and the Valencian form corresponds rec proca. Pod to cut four ears and be qued with a meager trophy. At this point, surely that does not care much trophies, but not let be an l stima balance does not reflect the magnitude of their afternoon. Morante, as usual, was not a suitable batch for her bullfighting-silk and fire shine. Almer mede h heat to is not good compa ero Seville Bullfighter. Snack is quit the jacket to be swung by his gang in the callej n. The second, Parlad, le I insisted on the right in batches in which the right-hander put m s t technical that art. The fifth ten little strength and Ministerio at half-throttle with high face. The Bullfighter sali eager, some see only and the media had substance, but with the crutch all was an I want and I can not. Manzanares you cort an ear to third because the sword function effectively. But it is true that the Bullfighter before does not seem that of Alicante. The third was manso with clear tendency to go to the tables. In flags beat to Javier Corral who could no longer participate in the rest of the feast. The virtue of the slaughter was setting its onslaught in the Center and reaching to not leave excursion n near the n. callej Against, how to quote with the crutch peak and who is pas the bull far from the waist. As you have a tica is second to none, this problem goes unnoticed by the masses. The mat in lucky enough to receive very flawed, but the blow was effective. . Original source can be read clicking this

Lille: the scourge in vogue the prostitution of minors.

It is a worrying phenomenon. For several months, Lille police appeals to more and more young minor prostitutes, around avenue people-Belgian, in Lille.  In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a twelve-year-old girl was arrested twice in the same evening.  In July, not less than twelve minor prostitutes were arrested for soliciting in a single week, always to the Belgian people and La Madeleine, where Roma girls are concentrated. To counteract this scourge, the association of prevention routes has created a special service called Entr’ acts. Throughout the year, employees confirm seeing younger girls. It is often of little girls who left their family or their foster home, tells metronews Slimane Kadri, Director of routes. They often away in Group and some give bad example to finance their hotel and their clothes. According to him, it remains difficult to recognize behind wigs and outrageous makeup and so to identify. It tries to create bonds of trust, to identify their position so they run away, adds Slimane Kadri. . You must check this resource to learn more on this interesting matter.

Trash chic, Russian Tycoon rents Anacapri to the birthday. Special guest: Pupo.

Russian mum. But this year they are seen less, because the crisis in Ukraine. The sanctions imposed by the European Union to Russia resulted in an increase in all kinds of variable consumption between 20% and 30%.  So the average Russian, nationalist-minded but pleasurable feelings, has struck out the Mare Nostrum holiday menu. But just one, when is good to align accounts. It’s called Dmitry Aleksandrovich Arzhanov magnate who for his 42nd birthday is a gift: he rented half Anacapri. The man, General Manager of Tns colossus Energo Group, has hired all: heliport, taxis, beaches and the Beach Restaurant Il Riccio near the hole of the Blue Grotto (no, that is not able to rent it). The structure has one Michelin star, with annexed room of the temptations, sfogliatelle, cannoli, struffoli, babà with zabaglione, tiramisu, cream puffs, lobster tail mandorlati with cream sauce, three-chocolate mousse, lemon delight, red fruit tartlets, (clears the cholesterol rate only to name them!). Wanted for himself and his hundred guests all the Capri Palace Hotel, 5 star L (elle which stands for luxury and match the sixth star), with its private pool suites and Spa crazy. Professor Francesco Canonaco, recognized by all as beauty gurus, he trasecolato when a lady came in spa with jar of beluga caviar (which is expensive even in Russia, it is found only on the black market).   "It’s the best anti wrinkle skin care mask!" he said. Are pocket change for the Russian ‘ the euro ‘ milionata that cost him this whim, including dinner in the hotel restaurant L’Olivo, two Michelin stars, made with anise-marinated foie gras and lime, served with white chocolate, pen with Buffalo sauce, sea bass stew. The birthday cake wanted to book form, Yes to volume to Dostoevsky, made of marzipan (you know, the sugar is good for your brain!). And happy birthday intonargli Pupo and there were rich and poor (very well known in Russia), while the artists ‘ bar strimpellavano two Russian bands. There is, however, another summer light years away from the blustering from the side B of the ministra Woods and by the House, including Bucketfuls cold shower of Renzi. Does pure patronage. Relaunches his site with works and works born on the spot. It’s a bit the Francoise Pinault of Anacapri, Tonino Cacace, owner of the Capri Palace, (which during the Russian blitz has escaped on a cliff in Greece), the "Lord of the mountain", as he is known in these parts. The Capri Palace and made it an icon in the world of art. Also this year the laboratory and Studio for artists invited to "Court" as formerly were the patrons to Commission the works. At the entrance a sculpture shines long 40 ft fiberglass by Arnaldo Pomodoro. In the lobby, his art casket, hold a De Chirico, a Paladin, a Schifano, a Allen Jones. While the old rowing boat for 50 years you added in the Grotta Azzurra pertuso turns into video art. And so Tonino keeps asking reinterpreting pieces forgot to Capri. Twitter @ piromallo. Additional data can be read reading