Expressions of interest: nuggets of parliamentarians.

Senator UMP of Vienna and vice-president of the Senate Jean-Pierre Raffarin said for its part every year since 2009 between 32. 000 and 52. 000 euros in copyright and between 40. 000 and 78. 000 euros of revenue for lectures, adding to his Senator allowances (91 000 euros for 2013). MP UMP des Hauts-de-Seine Thierry Solère said have activity strategy for the companies Aliapur and Deloitte consultant, which reported it revenues in the order of 250. 000 euros per year, or more than 20. 000 monthly. The declaration of David Douillet reveals also amounts to six digits. Indeed, the MP for the Yvelines indicates have earned over $ 200. 000 euros per year in 2008 and 2009 during his visit to the Group channel +. Patrick Balkany failed to mention his wife: the field identification of the spouse is barred from a nothingness. In the heart of an investigation for money laundering tax evasion with Isabelle Balkany, MP UMP des Hauts-de-Seine in addition said 24. 960 euros of income as Mayor of Levallois-Perret, and 14. 250 euros in royalties for his book another truth, mine from 2010.  Egalementsoupconne to have used a town hall for personal driver, Patrick Balkany would benefit from a car valued at 8. 680 euros per year, the title of the Presidency of the Board of Directors of the Société d ‘ aménagement of renovation and equipment of Levallois-Perret. . Inspirational facts can be found visiting this url.

Tuscany, go-ahead to Agenzia regionale del lavoro.

-Florence, July 24. (Adnkronos/Labitalia)-Tuscany Redesigns its employment services. The regional government has approved a Bill to change the consolidated text of the laws on education, training and employment and to establish the regional labour Agency, which was shown yesterday to the competent committees of the Regional Council. The regional agency for the job will work placement, employment services, active labour policies that until now were exercised by the provinces through employment centres and which today have been attributed to the regions. The employment centers will become so peripheral structures of regional Agency, with responsibilities of reception and delivery of services, with a view to cooperation between public and private sectors. The regional Agency will have legal status of body governed by public law, depending on the region, with organizational autonomy, administrative and accounting procedures, under the supervision and the address of the regional government. No Board of Directors, but only a Director. Regional Nell’Agenzia the competent personnel will of the provinces and the region (approximately 1.000 workers are engaged in the management of labour policies, of which about half are Contracting employees with open-ended contracts). The Agency will have a spatial branching that should follow the current geographies of employment centres. The keystone of the system, the employment centers will work placement, employment services, management of active policies, promotion of interventions on the territory, is also interfacceranno with private services. Goals are the meeting between labour supply and demand, the management of active policies (orientation, counseling, targeted search, placement in apprenticeship, etc), the prevention of unemployment, the orientation and the compulsory training. Before the abolition of the provinces the indispensible, Tuscany had moved to time to redesign services and make them more effective, and adhering to the needs of workers and enterprises, says the head of work, Gianfranco Simoncini. The hypothesis on which we worked-he explains-is a regional agency for the work part Tuscan joint national system, and the new instrument of government employment services. It is an organizational solution today made even more necessary and urgent the new trim that abolished the provinces and you must enter and compare them with the process, still ongoing, nationwide review of tools for the job. This is an ongoing reorganization-continues the assessor-because employment services continue to run at full speed, put to the test on a daily basis by the impact of the crisis, which has, in recent weeks, the new heavy duty to accommodate and take charge of the boys and girls who want to take advantage of ‘ Giovani ‘ Warrantee (currently 8.587 accessions, 4. 700 interviews, 3. 600 activation pacts and almost as many profiles). For this reason, the region has already done so to provide resources to give continuity to the service. All this-adds Simoncini-will be operational as soon as possible directions of institutional reform of the law and subscription Delrio agreements State-regions for its implementation. Above all, we must first dissolve the content node in the project of the Jobs Act of Government, envisaging the creation of a National Agency that takes upon himself all the skills. Tuscany and other regions are of the opinion that the powers of the active policies and services for the regional work should remain. In 2013, the Tuscan employment centres have carried out 667. 235 took over for 290. 729 workers (more than 2.3 took over for each worker). Workers that they showed the doors were provided about 270 thousand active policy measures. Among these shares, intersection of supply and demand were approximately 54 thousand, consulting for 8 thousand job search, orientation talks about 4 thousand, almost 8 thousand by obligations stages and training on the farm. To these we add over 65 thousand information campaigns on various services. That’s not all. Since July 2009 the employment centres also took charge of all workers in receipt of social shock absorbers in derogation: 86. in the last 5 years, 424, which have been paid 634 thousand active policy actions, averaging about 7 worker actions. . Root data could be found checking the following reference.

Russian research satellite: geckos on death rate.

The Russian space agency of Roskosmos has lost contact with an important research satellite, which has also living aboard. The ground station receiving signals from the missile launched on 19 July while however Foton-M does not respond to radio commands a particular unnamed Federal employees said Thursday in Moscow, the Interfax news agency. If we do not restore the control, he plunges in about four months on Earth. Foton-M orbiting the Earth on an elliptical orbit between 258 and 572 km height. There are 22 scientific equipment, including fruit flies and five lizards on board. The food for the geckos is about two and a half months, the Federal employee said. Originally had been planned, controlled to bring the satellite crash in the Russian region of Orenburg in the Urals. The flight lasts longer, the geckos die of hunger in the universe sadly. Without complications, an unmanned progress transporters, however, reached his goal: he has the international space station (ISS) supplies with more than 2.3 tons of food, fuel and private post. The Soyuz rocket was launched from Baikonur in Kazakhstan on Wednesday evening at 23 44 pm Central time from the space station, as the US space agency NASA announced. After about six hours the carrier docked at ISS. The crew is sleeping alternated, to take the progress freighter in reception, tweeted the German astronaut Alexander Gerst on Thursday. Currently, three Russians and two Americans on the outpost of humanity in approximately 400 kilometres altitude work beside him. . For more insights regarding this topic click

Try to open the door on a Ryanair flight, thought it was the toilet.

Fear aboard a Ryanair flight from Krakow in Poland and headed to Dublin in Ireland. A passenger on Board of the aircraft it has swapped the plane’s exit door for the toilet door and tried to open it. According to British media, telling the man, a 26-year-old Polish Tomasz Mucha, before trying to open the tailgate had drank a lot and was quite tipsy. Probably to download the nervous tension that had accumulated for its maiden flight, in fact, it seems that the 26 had gobbled up the vodka and beer. At one point the man, probably because of alcohol, she needed to go to the bathroom but wasn’t too shiny so it is headed for the exit door at the rear of the aircraft trying to open it to the dismay of other passengers. Fortunately, however, the man has failed in his attempt to block the doors and the air pressure and was then blocked by crews who directed to the right port. Mucha on arrival was denounced and arrested by Irish police on suspicion of having behaviors considered criminal offences under the law on aviation and transport. Before the investigators the man admitted being drunk on the flight and that he actually behaved in a threatening and offensive. For he’s taken a fine of 200 euros. . For additional information regarding this matter read

Pilot Association: Machine would have may not fly over the area.

The European pilot Association raises the alarm after the crash of the Malaysian airliner in the Eastern Ukraine European Cockpit Association (ECA). The incident was "a major weakness–if not a failure – the international threat and risk assessment in the civil aviation" revealed, the Association said on Thursday in Brussels. In Retrospect "unacceptable" unless a passenger aircraft have overflown the area at all, ruled the ECA. The European industry association called for a debate on the Aviation Safety Association of European airlines (AEA). The Federation was keen that the airlines "had access to independent risk assessments", instead of focusing only on information provided by Governments and aviation authorities having to leave. The crash in the Ukraine raised questions about the emergence of risk assessments, the Association of the airlines also warned in Brussels on Thursday. The Boeing 777 of Malaysia crashed probably airlines on Thursday of last week with 298 people on board due to a rocket strike. The rebels in the East of Ukraine and the Government in Kiev accuse since each other each other, to have shot down the aircraft. . Root data may be found visiting this site.

Israel’s Gaza offensive: Beneficiaries of Arab weakness.

President Sisi feel satisfaction if Hamas (a subsidiary organization of the Egyptian Muslim brothers) to ruffle feathers. In addition, he wants to be the peacemaker. Sisi has to prove that Cairo no one passes over in the Arab region: great desire at a time when not only relative weakness. The Egyptians can end the war in Gaza, it would be a huge success for the Sisi just in the Office. But the young Emir in Qatar begrudges the counterparts in Cairo this joy. The fabulously rich Emirate sees itself as a broker in all Arab conflicts. Qatar is also the best friend and banker of the Muslim brothers, which makes difficult the referee role. The other Arab States set up along the Egyptian Qatari divide. The ones who suffer are the Palestinians in Gaza. Also harms the family feud between the Islamists of Hamas in Gaza and the secular national Fatah in the West Bank and Gaza of the Palestinian cause. So there is no Arab unity, and at the same time lacking Palestinian dead weight. Beneficiaries of Arab weakness seems to be Israel. It should not enjoy it. The momentary advantage in the Gaza war is overshadowed by the strategic disadvantage. At times, in those States in the Middle East break and multiplying jihadists militias, Israel remains dependent on cooperation with these as well on the unit of the still functioning Arab States – Egypt about Qatar Saudi Arabia -. Also the Fatah and Hamas itself are better negotiators than any megalomaniac ISIS Caliph with their bloodthirsty soldiery. The bottom line is simple: Israel should close quickly a fair and lasting peace with all Palestinians, before much more radical enemies in the House. . For additional facts on this matter read

Company: Unilever makes more money at lower sales.

The Canadian train and plane maker is a new structure and cuts 1800. Also the Chief of the aviation segment Guy Hachey is leaving the company. In the future the company wants are divided in four instead of two divisions. In the field of aviation, there will be a Division for business jets and one for passenger aircraft. To get the railroad business and engineering services. Bombardier is under cost pressure for quite some time. At the same time it came last in the hopes of Canadians, the new C series aircraft to breakdowns. With the new models, the company in the larger class of short – and medium-haul jets wants to penetrate so far Airbus on the road are almost unrivaled with its A320 and Boeing with the 737. So far there are before Bombardier 203 orders for the machines. CEO Beaudoin was recently at the Farnborough Airshow confident, to deliver the first planes as planned in the second half by 2015. (DJ). Extended info can be inspected checking

Mysterious crash, missing skeleton – like died the first woman who flew over the Atlantic Ocean.

The 28 December 1920 should change their lives: as Amelia Earhart with her father visited an airfield in long beach, California, the pilot offers her Frank Hawks, to take on a short flight with up. Earhart agrees. As a I 60 to 90 meters from the ground was away, I knew: I must fly, she told later about this turning point in their lives. From this point on, Earhart has only one in mind: you want to be a pilot. On May 21, 1937, Earhart starts her biggest project: a flight around the Earth along the equator. Aboard the Electra Lockheed model 10 has her Navigator Fred Noonan. First, the two Miami fly to Brazil, then across the Atlantic to West Africa. From there, it continues to Calcutta and New Guinea. 43 days after her departure have managed much of Earhart and Noonan: only the Pacific lies between them and the circumnavigation of the Earth. As last stopover, they aim at the island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Help a US ship, which lies in the vicinity of the island is to them with the navigation. It should guide the plane to the island via radio contact. . For extra information on this matter visit

Report: The Netherlands honor victims of MH17.

When the aircraft landed, the church bells ring. Then, life stops to Maastricht from Groningen. Buses and trains stop, silencing radio and television, in the supermarkets is not collected. The citizens stand in the streets and along the canals. And no planes fly over the Netherlands at this time. Last Thursday, flight MH17 of Malaysia Airlines from Amsterdam had flown off aiming at Kuala Lumpur. 15 crew members and 283 passengers aboard – wanted to go the most on holiday. A few hours later crashed the machine via the Eastern Ukraine. Hit by a missile. The shock was followed by the horror. For days, the pro Russian rebels in the Eastern Ukraine refused access to the crash site the international aid workers and experts. Dead bodies lay in the scorching sun. The impotent despair of many Member is expressed in an appeal by a mother from Rotterdam: Mr. Putin, she implores the Russian President from afar, you bring my children home. Home to families and friends in the television watch, re-package as heavily armed rebels in the suitcases of their loved ones. Imagine, know that your husband was killed and then, two or three days later, they see pictures, like any criminal of the wedding ring steals from his hand, Timmermans said the members of the UN Security Council in New York on Monday. At the end of my life I will not understand why it took so long, until it was allowed the rescuers to do their difficult job and that the corpses were misused by people for a political game. . You should check this weblink to discover more on this amazing topic.

Only 9800, then 10,000?: Dax bulls are attacking.

After three days of loss in a row, the mood turns noticeably. Significant gains in the books are the second trading day in the series. Individual traders to play the 10 000 already in the mouth. After the significant plus on Tuesday it continues as the German stock market. The risk-taking is increasing again, which should support prices in the course of, a market participant says. Contribute good corporate results, the low interest rate environment and the absence of a further escalation in the Ukraine crisis as well as in the Gaza conflict. Despite the firmer opening, the great liberation in the Dax pending still. On the stock exchange, it is like to optimistic. You look at why the good stories – and are mostly good business numbers, n-tv stock market expert Katja Dofel says. The Dax runs at midday on 9785 points to 0.5 percent after above. The MDax sets 0.5 percent before climbing on 16 455 meters. With 1266 listed also the TecDax in the positive range: 0.4 percent that plus. Wall Street has the S & P 500 reached a new record. The outperformance of the small values in the United States will be seen very positively. The Russell 2000 has finished his weakness and more significantly increased as the indexes of the first series. The weakness of the Russell was an argument for those who expect an end to the bull market in New York. Deutsche Bank are at a premium of 1.7 percent by far strongest loser on the Dax. In the United States, fed the money home about in terms of the reporting has criticised New York structure.   Merchants according to the recovery of shares with the report to a sloppy accounting should get stalled. Deutsche Bank comes not from the headlines, says a market participant. A further dealer thinks the report included going negative especially in the United States. There was of course by about three percent. Actually, the sentiment is so bad that the course would be ready for a thorough recovery. Probably be but rather a sideways movement around 26 euros. Commerzbank title draw against 0.4 percent in. . You must click this to discover more about this amazing matter.