Abdul Adhim Kamouss: The Imam and his fans.

That Abdul Adhim Kamouss his controversial appearance at Günther Jauch as evaluates success, you can recognize that he has made the photo from the show to his profile picture in Facebook. Finally, the Imam who should be stripped in the haphazard talk show as a Salafist preacher, even as a missionary of peace is stylized. A glance on the social networks, as the followers of the 37-Jährigen see their idol. What behind the nearly 6000 likes on Facebook for people? Who reached Abdul Adhim Kamouss away from the mosques, where he preaches? When looking more closely at Kamouss’ fans on Facebook, you can find more intense tones. You seem to live in whole Germany. Most of the profile names are apparent Arab origin. Some live according to profile abroad and post on Arabic. But there are also A few Germans among them. Among other things converts. One of Kamouss’ fans indicates a Catholic school seems to have visited to be converted to Islam and is a member of Facebookers named Muslims against ISIS. But only Very much a few of the followers of Kamouss belong to this group. Many profile images correspond to the common image of fundamentalists: there are many long beards, some kind of turban. Outwardly they again and again reminiscent of the controversial preacher himself. As a young wife Kamouss asks to move brethren in Syria to reconsider, she will be mocked: Katharina M. was quietly you have bad breath, answers a user. A certain Ali k. pöbelt: Katharina M. I fuck your mother you slut. Such comments have nothing to do with the peace-loving image, that wanted to give Kamouss on Sunday. Criticism is down screaming in the comments Right away. Germans are often referred to as Nazis. A user commented on being The best at Germany Hartz IV. A trailer with an Arabic name writes: we live for decades peacefully next to each other but whether it stays that way,. Other Kamouss fans, however, is pleased with the television appearance of their imams. They say: Allah may To give you more power. Mohammed B. writes: brother Abdul Adhim so A lot of you taught me inshallah (God willing, note the Red) you get reward from Allah and belong to the paradise inhabitants. . For extended regarding this topic read website.

Naples, fl oor falls in Pietrarsa railway station: died a worker and injured 2.

A worker died and two others injured is the tragic collapse of a budget ceiling in Pietrarsa railway station, near porches. The workers were working on the renovation of the station adjacent to the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa. It is an area full of antique villas alternate with popular buildings that the boundaries between Naples and Portici in which occurred the collapse. A few months ago, it was February 5, to collapse on the rails of the railway line from Naples to Salerno, just a couple of kilometres past the point where the tragedy occurred today, was a part of Villa d’elboeuf, 18th-century dwelling in the municipality of Portici had been abandoned in a State of decay. The subsiding thankfully not caused victims because at that time not passing convoys. In the building collapse dragged along a retaining wall that poured on the railroad tracks. Since the line is shut down to traffic. A scandal that has lasted for nine months, despite an investigation opened by the Prosecutor’s Office in Nocera Inferiore and the repeated protests of commuters. . You must read this http://superdry1.svgcomposer.com to learn extra on this great matter.

Holland: there is “no plan of economy that is painless.

Facing the challenge of reform, of the regulated professions and the rising discontent caused by the shot of plane announced by the Government on family benefits the head of State proved inflexible. There is "no plan of economy which is painless" replied François Holland who recovering Tuesday at the Elysee the price of creative Audacity before an audience of patrons.   Mastering deficits and the indebtedness of the France, "to make savings. This is what we will do in 2015 and this necessarily has consequences,"said the president of the Republic while the 2015 budget provides for a plan of 21 billion euros of savings on the State, social security and local authorities. "If you do not hear screaming, it is that we do not economy. So you see, you hear,"acknowledged then that the liberal professionals (pharmacists, bailiffs, notaries, doctors,.) went on strike Tuesday to protest against the reform referring to their professions. "There’s no plan of economy that is painless. Otherwise it would have already been done.  The savings are necessarily painful, there is no sector that can accept to see a number of habits, sometimes its funding be questioned,"said the head of State, while insisting on the need to make these savings" fairly, effectively, in an innovative way. And return to the balance sheet of its predecessor. "During the five years that preceded my entry into responsibility, public debt increased by 600 billion, we are 2000 billion. So our role must be to control deficits so that we can increase the absolute level of debt even if it funds at interest rates very low. » . Extended data can be found clicking site.

Claims against Porsche in United States: hedge funds To give up multi-billion lawsuits.

In the years of litigation over the consequences of the failed takeover of Volkswagen by Porsche, the wave of litigation in the United States stands before her graduation. The last eight of a total of 48 hedge funds, which once damages in the United States had sued, renounced Porsche up 2.5 billion dollars on it, to amend their lawsuits. The New York Court of appeal declared the case therefore for closed. By mid-November, funds, including Black Diamond and Bluemountain\r, still appeal to the Supreme Court can insert. The U.S. Court had decided in mid-August that the claims in the billions of dollars in the United States could be negotiated. A large part of the funds therefore no longer pursued legal action in the United States. Many of them argue but in Germany Euro Court to a total of around five billion. In the District Court of Hannover is negotiated on October 14 over demands by nearly two billion euros. Seven investment companies accused Porsche, not only the capital market in the misleading to have, but also violate antitrust law. . Main source may be studied reading this http://superdry1.svgcomposer.com.

Wedding in Venice — these three outfits show Clooney’s most beautiful bride Amal.

George Clooney (53) in Venice? Usually means the film festival and great attention for the Hollywood star. But at the weekend, everything was different, because there could the actor in his elegant suits from Armani and co. make even a good figure, his bride, the human rights lawyer Amal ALAMUDDIN (36), stole the show him visually with these three outfits at every stage of the wedding celebrations: the finale of the multi-day wedding at Monday noon with the civil wedding in Venice took Instead of. Here, the bride wore an elegant cream-colored pantsuit from Stella McCartney breitkrempigem summer hat with matching clutch. The British Lebanese top lawyer contacted her long dark brown hair, the black waist hem on the top and an also black band on the hat accents. Also the appearance of the bride at the boat parade was greatly celebrated on Sunday by Venice. Extremely far issued mini dress lace with flowers applications in red and pink by the Italian label Giambattista Valli, the long slender legs of the bride came perfectly to advantage. Due to the flowers and night dancing by Mrs. Clooney wore a bright red lipstick and a large sunglasses and gold pumps. The two gossip magazine "People" and "Hello!" got the contract for the photos of the actual wedding. As shown on the covers of the US and the British magazine, the bride chose a classic, long, widely issued, strapless, embroidered with pearls and sequins, off-white lace dress by star designer Oscar de la Renta. Also the long veil was tinged by tip. Alamuddins black hair and red lips made complete in addition to the bridal bouquet held also in white, the snow white look. . You must click this http://superdry1.svgcomposer.com to learn extra about this interesting topic.

Hong Kong protests: The rebellion never sleeps.

Students and supporters of the occupy Central movement in Hong Kong protest for days. The police was taken partly by force against the demonstrators, used tear gas, pepper spray and batons. But the activists persist and continue to block streets in the financial district, as well as parts of the Kowloon peninsula. The movement wants to enforce their claim with determination: more democracy in the Chinese special administrative region. Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997 – after more than fifty years as a British colony. Thus, Hong Kong formally supervised the Central Government in Beijing, but has a high degree of autonomy. The ratio to the mainlanders is characterized by tensions for a long time. The wrath of activists is aimed mainly against electoral reform verwehrte of Beijing in the Metropolis: the people of Hong Kong to vote 2017 first direct a Chief Executive, but the Central Government in Beijing wants to choose their method of suborning favorable candidates to secure their influence. To want the protesters do not accept that. . Similar information can be read checking http://superdry1.svgcomposer.com.

PSG – Barcelona: how Messi has reinvented itself.

Attention, Leo Messi is in great shape! Since his return from the the World Cup and despite the defeat in the final against the Germany, the Argentine is transfigured. Tata Martino, originating from Rosario, banked heavily on him last season but the catalan coach last season clearly did not touch as currently Luis Enrique. Since the month of August, the number 10 explodes again, including a Neymar who feasts at his side. With already 5 goals and 7 assists in six games, one understands why the PSG defense can shake.   Because it is true number 10 he plays now. Placed further down on the ground, he participated more in the play of his team which enjoys his accelerations, his vision of the game and pinpoint passes that are the feast of the attackers. When fighter planes Neymar, Pedro or the young Munir darken on the wings, necessarily it does damage. It’s not Grenada which took 6 this weekend that may say otherwise. With two goals and two assists by Messi for a triple of Neymar, we can understand why the duettists hurt. For Messi, coming to include his 400th career goal, the records are not wasted. And even though he is now both passer than scorer, the 4 goals that separate of Zarra (251 against 247), the best scorer in the history of la Liga represents only a few matches. It is same for the 4 goals that separate it from Raul, the champions League top scorer (71 67). In this register, it must still contend with a Cristiano Ronaldo who has not made its molt and that always mark as many goals,, You should visit the following http://superdry1.svgcomposer.com to discover more about this great subject.

Lacrim: “my album, I did it with an electronic bracelet.

Met rapper’s problems with justice well before to immerse themselves in the music. At the age of 11, he is no longer going to school, but knows how to steal a scooter. His first prison sentence occurs at age 16. An age where he already lives in complete autonomy, far from his family. If rap is already present in the life of Lacrim, it the influence in any way. These are contests of circumstances and opportunities that push him to rap and to perform before an audience. He released several projects before being overtaken by a conviction for robbery, four years and seven months suspended. After eight months in jail, he ends his sentence with an electronic bracelet and remains under court supervision until March 2015. Ten days after the release of Corleone, Lacrim is the top of the french charts: more than 28,000 sales (physical and digital). An all the more surprising that runaway success. Especially with titles written in three months, with the exception of everyone wants to curled, written in prison. An accelerated, as ‘abnormal’ trajectory: "I started rapping a little by accident. I had friends who rap, I’d just Karami sound, I smoked a joint or two. First tracks to 2007-2008. I had a mate, Mister You, who had already left for any picnic. He made me come on his project, presumed guilty, it, it was in 2009-2010. I made a piece alone, which made a lot of noise. There is a micropublic who grew up with me. And then, I released my first album street in 2012, let Lacrim. "Corleone draws its effectiveness and strength in the instrumental Kore, met producer during the Rai project ‘ n’b Fever. No complexes or taboos. The autotune invites himself without surprise on the pieces. There is also a very worked his, well balanced bass. Multiple influences also, US rap to electro, Kore borrows even from the XX (Night Time) for the Oz title. Featuring French Montana and Lil’Durk come assert credibility in the landscape of french rap that Lacrim doesn’t need to claim. On Tuesday, Lacrim revealed her new music video Barbados, which already had nearly 28,000 views in a few hours. . For additional data regarding this matter click http://superdry1.svgcomposer.com.

Apple and Fiat, the accusations of EU Commission: State aid from Ireland and Luxembourg.

Milan-The Ireland and Luxembourg are accused of having favored Apple and respectively Fiat on taxation. In-depth investigations European Antitrust, announced before the summer, are now further confirmation in the publication of letters addressed to Dublin and Luxembourg, which reconstruct its vicissitudes and accusations. The spotlight mechanisms relate in particular to the transfer pricing and agreements that companies take with national tax authorities (tax ruling), so you know in advance that the regime will be used in their business. In practice, the large multinationals are able to move, from the accounting point of view, where earnings are taxed less. This happens by invoice to companies selling goods or services to other group, sometimes even at off-market prices, because eventually the profits appear where the hand of the IRS is lighter. Apple. Ireland, in particular, the EU regulators want to (letter) more details on fiscal agreements reached with the Colossus of iPhone in 1990 and in 2007, putting on guard by the fact that we can treat AIDS in reference to similar transactions, as should be done on the basis of a proper methodology. In simple terms, overall company organization chart of Apple the Irish authorities had agreed to consider as the company’s U.s. tax base, in relation to the Irish branch of the non-aligned movement to what normally would take place on the market, most importantly with a methodology by taxation rather than market made of rigour and precise calculations. A benefit that Apple had been putting on the weight which the Treaty creates employment opportunities, but should not be included in the calculation of taxes and that generated an asymmetry between the forces in the field. Again, in relation to the agreement of 2007, the Commission notes that there is absolute disproportion between the growth of Irish branch operations Apple Sales International (subsidiary of Cupertino) in terms of sales (+415% between 2009 and 2012) to 64 billion and operating costs (between the +10 and the +20): a symptom of a notional allocation of profits to Irish activitieswhere in reality were not incurred costs sufficient to justify the boom in sales. harmful to competition, which must then be recovered from the U.s. company. The words of Commissioner Joaquin Almunia are unequivocal: according to the Commission’s preliminary view, it is State aid. For the Colossus of Cupertino could get, if the investigations will end with the condemnation of Ireland operations, a claim the military document about Fiat, a preliminary agreement on prices between the Luxembourg tax authorities and Fiat Finance and Trade (Fft), the society of the Lingotto which deals with financing and cash flow, which in this case would constitute State aid harmful to competition in favor of auto group. At this stage the Commission does not have any evidence indicating that the measure could be regarded as compatible with the internal market. The Commission’s preliminary conclusions, therefore, end up at gunpoint early fiscal arrangements between Fft and the Luxembourg authorities relating to transfer pricing for transactions within the group for the purposes of taxation. In the case of Fft this is an agreement (tax ruling) of 2012, accepted 3 September from Luxembourg authorities according to the proposal made by the Lingotto consultant on tax matters, Kpmg. Eu authorities do not respect the principle of full competition, indeed represents an advantage that is perpetual annual (covers the years from 2012 to 2016) and is selective. As for Apple, affect the allocation of taxable income between subsidiaries established in different countries. The Commission pointed the finger on the method by which the remuneration is determined to perform Fft her role in the group, and in particular in relation to the equity that must take into consideration that assumes financial risks, investments that must play and the margin it needs to operate. At the current stage of the investigations, the Commission believes that the agreement has the effect of reducing the burden that the latter should normally support in the exercise of its tasks, and which therefore must be considered as operating aid. The reconstruction of the story made in the letter sent by the Commission to the Luxembourg unveils abccome have gone to empty the attempts of the Eu authorities to have clarification on the nature of the agreement, starting with the fact that the Fft represents its Fiat Finance and Trade, because the country directory of Eu or did not answer letters or trincerava behind the protection of privacy. Eu investigations also involve the Netherlands, in relation to dealings with Starbucks, and are not concluded at this level. For the States involved there’s one month to respond to relief moved. . Main data may be found clicking this blog.

Hong Kong leader calls for immediate end of the protests.

Hong Kong–pro-democracy protesters and the Government in Hong Kong, control on a collision course. While thousands demonstrated for the fifth day in a row on the road, head of Government called for LEUNG Chun-ying end of protests in China’s special administrative region. But also the protests could move China’s leaders not to withdraw the decision to allow only limited elections in the former British colony, said the Prime Minister. After the controversial decision of the people’s Congress in Beijing a direct election is allowed 2017 in Hong Kong for the first time, but no free nomination of candidates for the post of head of Government. The decision in August had upset many of the seven million Hong Kong and triggered the student strike that resulted in the ongoing protests. Also on Tuesday, thousands demonstrated again and blocked main arteries in Admiralty and Wan Chai in the financial district of Central on Hong Kong Island and in Mong Kok on the Kowloon across the peninsula. Your protesters to To want insured, not pull out and continue the protests indefinitely. The planned fireworks display to the Chinese national day on Wednesday, the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Communist people’s Republic, was cancelled. Thursday is also holiday, so that still more protesters could gather on both days. China’s Government denounced the protests as illegal activities. The censorship blocked reports from Hong Kong and dash comments on China’s social media. The censors were three times as busy as such to the delicate 25th anniversary of the bloody suppression of the pro-democracy movement on June 4, 1989, experts reported. The satellite reception of the US news channel CNN in China was disrupted on Tuesday for the first time, when Hong Kong was reported. CNN can be seen mostly only in hotels or apartments of foreigners. Apparently to prevent spread images of the protests in China, also the photo platform Instagram is locked since Tuesday. . You should visit this web site to discover extra regarding this amazing topic.