In Nigera terrorism does not hesitate to resort to guys to carry out deadly attacks. Today the University of Kano a girl would have blown up in the air between students huddled around lists of admission to the University, causing six deaths. Seven other people were injured. Today is yet another attempt made in recent days in public places in Kano. As with the other managers are believed to be terrorists by Boko Haram. Was foiled a second attack, also in all probability by Boko Haram. The Nigerian police said they stopped a suicide girl of only 10 years under traditional dress concealed a vest stuffed with explosives and that he was preparing to be blown up. The baby suicide bomber was stopped in the Northern State of Katsina, bordering on to Kano, teatro degli ultimi suicide bombings carried out by women. "Security forces have arrested three suspects who feel they belong to Boko Haram», including a 10-year-old girl," said the Government spokesman Mike Humeri, specifying that the small, "had an explosive belt attacked to life». . You can read this home page to read extra regarding this great topic.

Israel announced a limited cease-fire.

In the morning at least 15 people were killed by the impact of several grenades at a UN school in Dschabalia according to the Palestinian who had sought protection in the building. After the first investigations of the refugee relief agency UNRWA, Israeli shells met the building where 3300 refugees stopped. It was the sixth time that an UNRWA school had been shot at. According to the army armed Palestinians were shot down near the school in Dschabalia killer grenades on Israeli soldiers, who then returned fire. The Israeli air force General, Jaron Rosen denied on Wednesday that the army deliberately attacked and heavy has damaged the only power plant in Gaza Strip on Tuesday. Israel provides Gaza power, it is clear no sense then to destroy the power plant, he said. The damage could be caused maximum an oversight what must still be examined. Since less than 20 percent of the needed power available, which also has an impact on the pump for the water supply is the 1.7 million residents of Gaza. Residents reported that it had come to the tanker, now used, to fisticuffs between refugees and residents. In Gaza, it is estimated that their homes were forced to leave now about 400 000 of a total of 1.7 million inhabitants. 204 000 people fled in more than 80 UNRWA schools. Up to 80 people crowd into some classrooms. According to UN officials, drinking water is scarce and the danger of epidemics. More than 40000 people have found shelter in schools of Government and other public buildings also according to UN figures. Other camp in parks or come in with relatives. Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier called both sides to an "immediate humanitarian cease-fire" on Wednesday, should negotiations on a long-term truce allows on the basis of the Egyptian proposal. . Inspirational source could be found reading this

Act on energy transition: A compromise interesting.

-The text is implementing the compromise that environmentalists had passed before the elections of 2012 with the Socialist Party and François Holland. Initially, we feared that the presidential promise to reduce from 75% to 50% the share of electricity of nuclear origin à L’Horizon 2025 is not required. I regret that we have lost two years, we saw many personalities climb to the niche in trying to change the head of State. This was the case of the boss of EDF [Henri Proglio, Editor's note] and Arnaud Montebourg, who tried to convince François Holland back on its commitment. Beyond nuclear, it will pass an energy policy that had totally outsourced by EDF since the end of World War II, a policy which will be co-élaborée by the State and the various operators. Before, the real Minister of energy, was the CEO of EDF. This will change. It is impossible to develop renewable energies in France – solar, wind or biomass – if we keep the same nuclear capability that today ‘ hui. It would not make sense. -For two years, we had hopes and disappointments. It has seen three Ministers in 22 months and attended ads that sometimes were not followed by facts. The previous holder of the post, Philippe Martin [Minister of ecology of July 2013 to March 2014, Editor's note], yet had undeniable environmental convictions, perhaps showed too cautious and failed to obtain sufficient arbitrations. . For additional insights on this topic visit page.

3rd August 2014 to 18:00 on RTL II – GRIP – the motor Magazine: “the new Ferrari California T”.

Now the issue of downsizing even when the Italian Rennpferdchen has arrived. Downsizing means: less displacement and thus reduced consumption. Most of the time, the associated loss of performance with a supercharger or a turbocharger is balanced. So, it is done also at the new Ferrari California T – because the "T" stands for Turbo and no longer existed a Turbo with Ferrari since the legendary F40. GRIP the 2 + 2 seater on heart and kidney tests moderator and test driver Matthias Malmedie. He sprints in 3.6 seconds to 100? In addition, he goes the question, how a Ferrari. Matthias Gets the chance to take a look behind the scenes of the work and look at the production in Maranello in Italy. Helge Thomsen want ultimate Beach fun and has been looking for exceptional Beachmobilen. He looks at a Citroën Méhari, which looks like an oversized Bobby car, buggy – actually the epitome of beach cars and a British mini Moke, the jeep in miniature form is similar to a VW. With GRIP, Helge chooses his personal favorites of the beach mobile.    Top or flop? Bargain or scrap? The District of Lichtenberg in Berlin regularly auctioned cars and who are lucky, can snag a ride for a few hundred euros. The vehicles come from confiscations, insolvency proceedings or come from the estate of the deceased. Special feature: You can visit while previously the cars, but only from outside, therefore remains exciting, what is in the boxes, when you then close it after the bidding. With the new S-class, the best car in the world wants to build simple Mercedes Coupé of series C217. This one has packed everything in electronics and electronic helpers in the car in Stuttgart. Hot stone massage seats, touchpad for the multi media interface, an autopilot, and much more. But who still looks through all these helpers and functions? A case for our old sheet experts Det Müller, more on mechanics than on electric gadgetry is. Can the new luxury Daimler convince him? It may not be the engine: Det may test the S-class Coupé in the top engine from AMG. . Main source may be read checking this home page.

Because of leg-prosthesis: Long jump champion Rehm not nominated for EM.

Paralympics winner Markus Rehm may not stand as first disabled people at European Athletics Championships in Zurich. The German Athletics Federation (DLV) announced this decision. We live inclusion. The border of inclusion is the comparability of performance, equal opportunities in the competition, said DLV President Clemens Prokop. Biomechanical measurements of wide leaps Rehm and the competitors in his victory at the German Championships in Ulm would have aroused considerable concern on an equal opportunities. There may be no data-based and serious assessment, had Gert-Peter Brüggemann, biomechanics explains at the German sport University in Cologne, Germany, to the bio-mechanical measurements of Ulm. What can be done in the competition, not enough absolutely, to assess whether and how a prosthesis when compared to healthy, efficient joints work, Brüggemann said. You must do something more than video recordings and measure some speed. The DLV wants to put the theme after the fall, Rehm, not to files. The last solution can be made only at the level of world sport. We will approach the IAAF and urge a solution, said Prokop. The DLV will committed therefore, that at the Congress of the World Federation IAAF 2015 a clear rule for the problem of start right disabled athletes at the competition of track and field athletes without a handicap will be decided in Beijing. The IAAF with the problem before the Olympics 2012 in London faced was: at that time the beidbeinig amputee South African Sprint star complained a Oscar Pistorius his Olympic participation with success. . For extra data regarding this subject visit

The Egypt and Gaza: the posture is not the mediator.

Egyptian intelligence services, who perfectly know the field, there have many contacts. Policies finally: since Nasser, solidarity with Palestine is part of the figures required for the Egyptian regime. The Palestinian cause has long thrilled the Egyptian masses and prevented the Camp David Treaty lead to something other than a cold peace between Cairo and Tel Aviv. Has been said, the truce proposed by Egypt was denied by Hamas which claims have not been directly involved in its development and maintains a number of requirements which are not taken into account in the text, including the opening of the Rafah terminal and parole of prisoners. But the intransigence of Hamas also relies on distrust – not to say more-that characterizes relations between the Egyptian military and the leaders of the Palestinian Islamist movement, offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood whose branch Egyptian mother undergoes a fierce crackdown since the ouster of president Morsi in July 2013. Beyond the leading players is also looming a struggle for influence between their respective mentors: Egypt, financially backed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, is used to counteract the godfathers of Hamas, – the Turkey and the Qatar – who have also proposed their mediation. The Palestinian land here becomes the back yard of the infighting for the domination of the Sunni camp and between the Gulf States. The Egyptian diplomacy, yesterday pressed by the United States, today extended the intentions of the heavyweights of the Gulf, a development that fully aware of the new geo strategic. For Egypt, it is to put an end to the insecurity prevailing in the Sinai for several years, with a significant revival since the ouster of Mohamed Morsi. The Egyptian armed forces multiply for several months, apparently with some success, operations in the peninsula but their efforts will be reduced to nil if weapons and activists continue to pass through the famous tunnels of Gaza. The incomprehension, or even hostility, moved so between the two camps the Egyptian reaction to the Israeli offensive are remained surprisingly measured for a country that long presented himself as the champion of the Palestinian cause. A first humanitarian convoy was blocked but a second could win Gaza on 25 July. Egypt has opened that occasionally the Rafah terminal to allow access to the wounded and refugees. Precedence, or almost exclusively, has been given to Egyptian nationals. Wanting to drop the Hamas, as it seeks to eradicate the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Egyptian regime made a miscalculation. If Hamas continues, and the current crisis seems to rather strengthen it, he will have to deal with him. The dialogue will begin in well poor conditions. If the Islamists lost control of Gaza, they might also give way to otherwise aggressive jihadist groups. The other scenario, which would see the Palestinian Authority (PA) regain control on all the territories, does not have the favor of Israel prefers divided Palestinian territories which seeks inter alia, through the current offensive, to fly apart recent inter Palestinian reconciliation between Hamas and the PA. . For more about this topic click

The Maserati Museum is outstanding in August.

Visitors have the unique opportunity to admire the only Maserati V4 Sport 16-cylinder Type still exists in the world. Alfieri Maserati in 1929 joined the two engines of the Type 26 2 liters in a common stand, with a gear that connected the two crankshafts. With Baconin Borzacchini V4 Type established on 28 September of that year with Cremona the world speed Record over 10 Km Run at an average of 246.069 Km/h. In later years he was made a second copy, which is exposed. The model was delivered to its owner in 1932, Dr. Riccardo Galeazzi, papal physician, who had it change in 1934 by Zagato-bodied two seater sport discovery. The Maserati Tipo V4 Sport Zagato is one of the jewels of an American private collection and it is very rare to see in Europe: one more reason to not lose the view of Modena. For visitors, which is consistent with the structure that hosts the exhibition, dedicated to Enzo Ferrari as birthplace of the extraordinary modenese constructor, also the opportunity to see rare models of Ferrari and Alfa Romeo’s most significant pre-war racing who were driven by Ferrari or entered by Scuderia international competitions that still bears his name. This part of the exhibition is placed in large mechanical workshop where Enzo’s father worked from the late 1800s until his death, presented today as extension of the exhibition of the Museum. . Root source may be studied reading the following info.

His last breath.

Give me a Cup, Farragut, s so I want a drink. Today being the last d to. Ana Ma be another, but today ac rcame a glass of Geneva. You can not deny it me. T, t precisely, you can not tell me that not. I you have created. You aren’t a nobody without m, I have everything. I can imprison you again and let that you pudras you all forever. So ac rcame to a Cup. I have enough already with Mary, support their long faces of reproach and my children look absurd. I can not stand this deafening silence of the House when I get up and therefore, Farragut, I go up to the local Edward. There’s nothing like a good drink to start the d to. N I remember when knew Raymond [Chandler]. I present in his room n and you tend a vac glass or. Me as filled to the brim. And time after, esper we were kicking the street to open a licorer to. But from that some time ago, do not believe. Farragut, you don’t see. AC rcate. Est s ah or you’re a ghost? Farragut, Farragut,. Isn’t there anyone at home? Drown me,. That am I? That facing the mottled mirror by the os, saj ndome wrinkles the face, that damn brightness of the pupils, seedy hair? But s, me, a worthy descendant of the Cheever, all drunk, fortified in the last three generations. It is the end of a dinast wanted to be worthy and lies between the ruins of the rid ass. There is no greatness any at our decadence. There is legend that our past can poeticize. With me you go a way of understanding life, although I jam s. do not understand it I would like to have the vigor of Philip, her soft skin as night, willing thighs and that surc advising Walnut neck. Do also n t, Philip, have you forsaken me? Write it. Detailed in a notebook all the dropouts. S Petting it the dogs and the freshness of the twilight of the d to comfort me. S the memories approaching me, turbid, together, entangled among them. Already I do not distinguish the names, I do not associate their faces with their hands. S I am a man beaten by the cancer c. S I am a man suffocated by the disease. S I am a finished man. D nde est s children m I. Susie, Ben, Fred,. not I or s, also you me hab is abandoned? It is no surprise. I can not stand your suspicion, your gait, and that damn accusatory silence. Farragut, give me a glass. S what I ask you the last Cup. We drink together, Farragut. T, m, or m s beloved character. T, my creation n and I. The nico I’ve wanted, the nico who has not betrayed me. So, Farragut, championing the last Cup. . For extended facts regarding this topic click web site.

International arbitration: the shadow of the shadow justice.

Seldom before a State and his leadership in the face of political misconduct was placed just so. But the decision of the referee by the Hague may be so right she highlights also on the dangers associated with the power of the arbitration. The dimension of the case Yukos could be to the taste of that, which is to allow transatlantic free trade agreement between the United States and Europe TTIP: there are corporations the chance to bring economies – so how you could do it once only with banana republics before arbitration. The case of the tobacco company of Philip Morris, who dragged her to a country like Australia because of stricter smoking regulations before an arbitral tribunal, is just one of many examples. States also use the secretive institutions: so calls for the Federal Government in a national procedure damages in the billions of dollars by the toll Consortium toll collect. Eight years being negotiated behind closed doors. . You should visit this to learn extra regarding this amazing matter.

The pangolin, mysterious mammal, threatened by poaching.

Victims of poachers, mysterious pangolins are threatened with extinction. Like rhinoceroses and elephants, this small anteater at scales from Africa and Southeast Asia subject of a stalker. And because of his flesh especially popular in Asia and its nicks used healing properties in traditional medicine Chinese. Traffic raging until France, as shown in the 250 kg of pangolin scales seizure three weeks ago at Roissy airport. According to the CITES (Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild flora and fauna), which lists the species in danger of extinction, pangolins are now the Group of mammals in the world the most victim of illegal trade. Indeed, the prohibition on trade of this mammal is largely powerless to protect the species from the massive Italo which has decimated over a million specimens over the last ten years, according to the society of Zoology in London, to which belongs the focus group on this animal. Result: all of the eight species of pangolin distributed across the globe is now threatened with extinction, finds the CITES. However, although little fierce, the unique mammal in the world covered with scales – with between 2 and 35 kilos on the scales and measuring between 30 and 80 cm – knows perfectly to defend themselves, resistant to attack by several lions if necessary thanks to its particularly resistant shell (see below). However insufficient protection against poachers. Moreover, its mode of life and reproduction is quasi-incompatible with conditions of captivity, making it extremely difficult preservation. In addition to the loss of a single mammal, the disappearance of the Pangolin could seriously alter the balance of tropical forests in which he lives, dramatically increasing populations of ants and termites, warn experts. Dan Challender, co-Chairman of the group in London, to the Chinese and Vietnamese Governments begin by urgently establish an inventory of their populations of pangolins and publish the figures to prevent the illegal trade in the species. A programme of action for the conservation of the species was launched Tuesday by the experts from the society of Zoologists. . You should read this fact to learn more about this amazing topic.