M5S, Cricket: “No longer have a pack-saddle bit tired”. And launches his 5 children.

"I, the camper and the blog is not bastiamo anymore. I’m a little tired, as Forrest Gump would say. So while remaining in the role of guarantor of the M5S I decided to propose five people, among the many valid, that due to their different stories and skills will operate as the broadest reference M5S in particular on the territory and in Parliament ". Beppe Grillo, writes in a statement on its website that knows how to change the movement 5 Stars. The leader in fact proposes five of his faithful. Of course, to vote, to replace the former comedian most delicate matters. Today, if we want this to become a better Pase, we must share with more energy and enthusiasm. The M5S needs a broader representation of the current one. This is a fact. I, the camper and the blog is not bastiamo anymore. I’m a little tired, as Forrest Gump would say. So while remaining in the role of guarantor of the M5S I decided to propose five people, among the many valid, that due to their different stories and skills will operate as the broadest reference M5S in particular on the territory and in Parliament. Today I propose in this role for a vote to members, in alphabetical order:. Main facts may be studied reading this resource.

Fight against tax evasion: evaders vote, better keep good.

Let’s start from original sin, the eye to the "black". As for the false accounting, even worse. B. If the abolished (de facto) in 2002 and still nothing has changed; the "black" they downgraded to venial sin in 2000 and now there was an opportunity to brother Koji. To the law, if one puts money in your pocket and not noted in accountancy what received (thus makes a false accounting), commits "infidel" Declaration, punishable up to 3 years (no pre-trial detention, wiretapping and prison) and not "tax evasion" (6 years, pre-trial detention, wiretapping and prison). Still, if put in false invoices accounting, so to say that there are non-existent cost is tax fraud; why the hell don’t you do not insert real bills, so to say (falsely) that has grossed less than real? You could change the law; but not only did but reiterated that anyone who falsifies the non-accounting with the "black" not committing tax fraud. Why? Simple: because the "black" is practiced by the universality of the people of VAT, a little more than 8 million taxpayers. And what is the politician who gave up 8 million votes? On tax avoidance, more prudent reserve. That elude consists in the lack of real economic reasons to support the operation and to realize a tax benefit that, without that, there would be no operation status is acquired by the notion the mists of time. Add that the circumvention does not constitute crime is not only unhelpful, but misleading. To give an example: Dolce & Gabbana formed in & Luxembourg a company (Gado) and then sold their brands; so all royalties, rather than reaching out to two stylists persons in Italy (with taxes to 40 per cent) were in Luxembourg (with taxes to 4 percent). The company’s headquarters was in a small room at an accounting firm; First there was not even a clerk, then we have taken a. The Supreme Court has acquitted them, the Commissione tributaria has condemned them (it is pending the decision of the tax section of the Court of Cassation), none however challenged the tax fraud because, at most, it would be defeat. There was the opportunity to specify that circumvention and evasion are distinct concepts and save tax by using non-existent society as legal screen is tax fraud, other than the administrative offence. Last gem: he wants to raise the threshold of criminality to 200. 000 euros of evaded tax; If one deals with 190. 000 euros do not commit crime. 200.000 euro 400 mean tax. 000 euros of "black". How many people in Italy has a turnover of this type? Not knowing, the Agenzia delle Entrate, that 90 percent of small to medium comes from taxpayers? In the end, the question is: when will indicate, to some breathtaking cover reform, 4, 6, N 5 billion coming from the fight against tax evasion, will be aware of telling a ball?. For extended facts regarding this subject read reference.

Inflation and demand in berne, the Japan made grey mine.

After dark a spring and a summer, the Japan began the fall hardly brighter auspices: consumption fell again in October and inflation fell to the lowest since a year, increasing pressure on the authorities and the Bank of Japan (BoJ). The statistics unveiled Friday by the Government is a poor picture of the Japanese economy, with the approach of elections presented by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as a referendum on the abenomics. Increasing target of critics, this cocktail of budget largesse, of monetary flexibility with promises of reforms is, according to him, the only solution to revive a faltering economy two decades. After promising debut and the praise in the world, the abenomics have accumulated setbacks recently, archipelago reviving the recession in the third quarter in the wake of a Japanese VAT increase on April 1. The Japanese, whose revenues stagnate desperately, have still not regained the smile in October. If retail sales increased by 1.4% over a year, households have reduced their shopping (-4%) for the seventh consecutive month. Faced with this decline in demand, the evolution of prices, on the downward slope for several months, has again declined (+ 2.9%, against 3% in September). Excluding the tax impact, they posted a meagre 0.9% increase, passing below the 1% for the first time since October, 2013. These very mixed data reveal the magnitude of the task that awaits the BoJ, commented in a note Marcel Thieliant, of Capital Economics. Inflation, warns, should continue to slow in the short term, as a result of the recent plunge in the price of crude, which collapsed this week to new levels in more than four years. -The BoJ far account – the Central Bank has already shown its determination by announcing late October, against all odds, an extension to its program of acquisitions of assets. This decision, adopted at the snatch (five votes for, four against), has created an electric shock which has considerably weakened the yen and boosted stock markets, but it may not be enough, according to observers. Despite his surprise gesture, the BoJ is still very far from its ultimate goal of inflation at 2%, thus stressed Credit Agricole. The Japanese economy is at a critical moment in its fight against deflation, acknowledged himself the Governor of the BoJ, Haruhiko Kuroda, who could be forced to a further easing in the coming months. However, in the series of figures published today, economists noted positive signs. In fact, entrepreneurs displayed improved morale: declining in the second and third quarters, industrial production signed in October its second revival in a row, although very modest (+ 0.2%). Analysts expected not so much, they had even bet on a decline of 0.6%. According to a survey conducted by the Ministry, the industrial show rather serene, while exports appeared to recover recently: they provide a new rebound in production in November (+ 2.3%), before a timid increase of 0.4% in December. Above all, unemployment fell month last at 3.5% of the active population, as in May and in August, a record of weakness since December 1997, thanks to a decline in the proportion of women looking for a job. The official posting method certainly tends to minimize the figures excluding those working do – what a few hours per month, but the improvement is real in recent months. We were in October 110 jobs per 100 requests, a unique ratio for more than two decades, welcomed the Ministry of labour. Remains to be seen if this sustainable improvement will result in an increase of wages, key to the revitalization of the request and the fight against deflation. . For more insights regarding this topic visit http://4010736a747237f5259272db817a5655.chewz.net.

Pelé in the hospital: I am well, its also reassuring doctors on his State of health.

VOLUME 2: www. YouTube. com – peeled PASSING SKILLS AND ASSISTS VOL. 1: www. YouTube. com – Osvaldo Ardiles: Pele really had everything – goalscoring ability, a great pass, good in the air, quick, he used both feet, almost the perfect footballer. Many words have been written about Pele goal his record speaks for itself – more than 1000 goals and three World Cup victories. He also played at a time when attacking players were not protected by referees as much as they are today. -Johan Cruyff: Pelé was the only footballer who surpassed the boundaries of logic. -Eusebio: Pelé played in an era which had so many great players and in that atmosphere he stood out above the others. He was the complete player in every aspect as well as being a kind human being. Cristiano Ronaldo is young yet, and has many years ahead of himself. But as of now, I do not see anyone who can compare with Pele – Bobby Moore: Pele was the most complete player I’ve ever seen, he had everything. Two good feet. Magic in the air. Quick. Powerful. Could beat people with skill. Could outrun people. Only 5 ft 8 in tall, yet he seemed a giant of an athlete on the pitch. Perfect balance and impossible vision. He was the greatest because he could do anything and everything on a football pitch. I remember Saldhana the coach being asked by a Brazilian journalist who was the best goalkeeper in his squad. He said Pele. The man could play in any position. -Ferenc Puskas: The greatest player in history was Di Stefano. I . . . . Original source could be found visiting this http://4010736a747237f5259272db817a5655.chewz.net.

Chess: at age 13, Samuel Sevian becomes the youngest American.

Thirteen years, 10 months and 27 days: Samuel Sevian is now the youngest Grandmaster in the history of the United States Chess, crushing more than a year the previous tournament record the weekend last in Saint Louis (Missouri), according to the website of the Federation American chess. And, icing on the cake, he won the tournament by beating his opponents during the four parts of his program. He reached 2. 500 the FIDE international ranking points required to clinch the title of Grand Master, explained his father Armen Sevian, saying very, very happy with the performance of his son. It is 2. 512 points, he said. He had indicated earlier that his son was 13 years, 10 months and 26 days when he broke the record, but the Federation held Thursday 27 days. The record was held until now by Ray Robson, who broke the record two weeks before his 15 years. I feel really relieved somehow, said Thursday Samuel told AFP. This is one of my best performance in tournament, defeating including three Masters in only 20 to 25 shots. In a tournament played in August, Samuel was able to climb to 14 points from this crucial threshold and, even though he had more than a year to reach 2. 500 points and seize the record, he confided to AFP he wanted this record as soon as possible to make it even more difficult to beat in October. It must be said that he has a habit of records: most young American Expert won his first tournament, youngest American master shortly before its 10 years and youngest international master in 12 years and 10 months. And an already impressive record but its true purpose, it is the title of world champion. I need to advance my game but I me feel able, assured Samuel, now for the 2. 600 points to be invited to the prestigious tournaments. As to attempt the World Championship, I do not want to clutter my mind with it now. (. . . ) After my very good performance at Saint-Louis, my confidence level is high and it’s going to (I) help. He is sixth youngest Grand Master at the international level, said Armen Sevian. The youngest is the Russian Sergey Karjakin, to 12 years and seven months. And the gain of the tournament did that add to the fun of the teenager and his family. It has really surpassed his opponents in three parts, but the last was each turn, this was not resolved. In the end, it was like a blitz until the last second. Players were shaking, said Armen Sevian. Samuel thought the record in that last part? Of course! The pressure was enormous, he says. I was in confidence but nervous. (. . . ) Become GM (Grandmaster) all of a sudden, I was overwhelmed by emotions. The programme for the next few weeks: a three day course in New York with the Garry Kasparov Foundation. The chess legend is one of the regular coaches of Samuel and will be present at this stage. The Foundation welcomed Thursday in a press release Samuel performance which is the first international Grandmaster born after the year 2000, stressing having the eye on the Prodigy for a long time. Then, after blowing his 14 candles on December 26, it must participate in a big tournament in the Netherlands in January. We want to go further in Europe, competition is strong there, noted Armen Sevian, himself a former player of high level. . You should click the following http://4010736a747237f5259272db817a5655.chewz.net to read more regarding this amazing topic.

By Alberto Maggi (@AlbertoMaggi74) secret meeting Monday evening in Berlin between some members of the Cdu, the Christian Democrat Party of Angela Merkel, to evaluate hypotheses, however extreme, to abandon the euro and return to the old mark. Apparently-according to Aidan Taylor. it-the Germany is reportedly considering all possibilities and doesn’t want to be found unprepared if they were to continue the crisis in some eurozone countries and the implosion of the single currency would become a reality and not just a scenario. Without growth even in 2015 in many EU countries and with the possible victory of Marine Le Pen in France and Matteo Salvini’s rise in Italy, there would be conditions for Germany’s exit from the euro, as a kind of self-defense and to avoid the danger of sinking with the entire euro zone. He would even suggested a date for the return to the mark: 1 June 2016. Not only. The idea would be to start already next year, obviously in great secrecy, the old mark by the Bundesbank. Just to be ready for every eventuality. . Additional text can be found checking reference.

Pesaro, found dead in a ravine at the San Bartolo Igor Fredelloni: the body recovered by firefighters.

PESARO found dead on San Bartolo Igor Ferguson. It is Json Igor Ferguson, 41-year-old psychologist candidate for mayor in the last elections for the city’s five-star group, which he himself founded after splitting from the five-star Movement. Doesn’t seem to be any doubt whether it’s suicide. The lifeless body was recovered by firefighters last night with a difficult operation along the cliffs. Relief efforts made particularly difficult in the circumstances, given the darkness, adverse weather conditions and difficult conditions of the area in which they were carried out the research. Firefighters have managed to find a trace of human passage and later near a cliff have found more evidence that testified the presence in the area. We drew up, using speleo techniques-Alpine-the River dropped in the cliff below and some hundred meters more down you found Ferguson’s body, sadly lifeless of late which have been made known the General issues. Through the use of a stretcher toboggan was brought back to the surface. . Related info can be inspected reading http://4010736a747237f5259272db817a5655.chewz.net.

Regional: 58% of UMP and FN sympathizers for agreements in the 2nd round.

More than half (58%) of the UMP and the National Front supporters were in favour of electoral pacts in the second round of regional elections, including 19% of systematically and 39% if it helps beat the left, according to a Harris Interactive published in Marianne. The question would you like the UMP and the FN pass electoral agreements in the second round and merge their lists between the two rounds of the regional planned in December 2015, 19% of UMP and FN supporters respond Yes in all regions and 39% respond Yes if it can prevent the left to win and retain a region. 42% are against. The proportion for a merger in all regions rises to 25% in only FN sympathizers (and down to 15% the UMP). The FN supporters are also 44% to wish, in the absence of their representative, that their region is headed by a member of the UMP compared to only 2% for a member of the PS. 53% responded neither one nor the other, and 1% do not pronounce. UMP, they are 21%, in the absence of their representative, hoped that their region is headed by a member of the FN against 5% for a member of the Socialist Party. 72% responded neither one nor the other and 2% do not pronounce. This survey was conducted online from 21 to 24 November with a sample of 1. 561 representative persons of the older French of 18 years and older. Furthermore, according to an Ifop survey for the website Atlantico, 20% of supporters of the National Front themselves favourable to a change of name of the party. 20% are opposed and 60% are indifferent. This question indifferent 81% of all the French, while 9% are in favour and 10% are opposed. 61% of the electors of Marine Le Pen in the first round of the presidential election of 2012 themselves not attached to the name national Front against 39% attached. Attachment is the most important among these older FN voters under 35 years (45%) and 35 to 49 years (46%). Survey of a sample of 4. 005 people representative of the French population aged 18 years and older. . Additional information can be found visiting http://4010736a747237f5259272db817a5655.chewz.net.

The main measure, the only one not said: the dismissal of Mato.

What if liked on the base of the PP is the leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, was not especially aggressive. Rajoy released a message in the background all the PP are commenting these days with the members and Socialist leaders, with those who share many hours in Congress and the Senate. The President said, in a clear call to Sanchez, to "generalize about corruption is unfair and opens the way to the salvapatrias of brooms, whose only political program consists of sweeping, with the consequences we all know". This is: corruption facilitates the arrival of can to power. Sanchez attacked the President for the case Gürtel, but with a softer tone than expected and also focused on the idea that in Spain there is no widespread corruption. That really liked on the popular base, which takes weeks pressuring Sanchez to don’t get press for can and bet by agreements with the PP, You can check the following http://4010736a747237f5259272db817a5655.chewz.net to learn extra regarding this amazing subject.

Lee Zeitouni: 2 French tried for having mowed down and killed the young Israeli woman.

They have long desired a trial in Israel. Ultimately, it is the Tribunal of Grand instance of Paris that relatives of Lee Zeitouni, this gym teacher of 25 years fatally swath in downtown Tel-Aviv in the early morning of September 16, 2011, will deliver this afternoon. More than 60 journalists, including a large portion came from Israel, will be present for the hearing of this case which had, time, tense relations between France and Israel. Because in this drama of the road is not so much the facts that hold the attention that the personality of the put two at issue, also involved in large scale scams. Eric Robic, the driver of the 4 x 4, is tried for aggravated manslaughter and faces a sentence of 10 years in prison. But it is also continued, as Claude Khayat, who shows up as his chauffeur – but who was sitting in the passenger seat when the drama – for non-assistance to person in danger. This morning, it is about 6: 30 p.m. when the two French take the road after a night spree, it seems very watered, in discos. Eric Robic leads quickly, very quickly, 120-130 km/h according to witnesses, grid a red light and struck Lee Zeitouni while it crosses on a pedestrian crossing. The young woman is killed instantly, his body projected at 10 metres. But neither Eric Robic neither Claude Khayat seek to rescue him. If they stop a moment and come out of the car, it is to see the damage caused to the vehicle, before taking the flight,. and jump, a few hours later, in the first plane to Paris. "They have fled like cowards, but in a very professional way," says M Gilles-William Goldnadel, Zeitouni family lawyer. The dicastery recalls that Eric Robic took care to shave the head – gesture performed by the police as an attempt to pass unnoticed at the airport. But also that fleeing he avoided potentially embarrassing toxicological analyses. Claude Khayat would have thus entrusted recently by phone to boyfriend Lee Zeitouni that his boss was, this morning, "drugged to death. Boss that it would also, as a first step, convinced denounce its place,. that Khayat will, before retracting, the promised EUR 500 000 having not been paid. After a very fast identification of the two men, police and Israeli justice were countered the principled refusal of France their extradition, creating an outcry in Israel and diplomatic tensions. They appear finally to Paris thanks to a provision of the penal Code which, under conditions, in France of acts committed abroad. And their judicial career is far from finished. Since Eric Robic, who, paradoxically, "was at the time of the facts in Israel to escape French justice", insists M Goldnadel, was sentenced in the fraud case that he feared. And that the Israeli media presented as ‘close Tel Aviv mafia circles’, whose expensive life train is "unrelated to reported revenues", note investigators, is also questioned and remanded in custody since October with Claude Khayat in another case. This time, the alleged scam deals with sales of cars, with international ramifications. . Similar facts can be inspected checking http://4010736a747237f5259272db817a5655.chewz.net.