Immediate divorce, Yes in Committee: most splits.

-Opens a new front of conflict in the Government majority. The rule that gives the possibility to arrive immediately to divorce without going through the phase of separation has gotten the go-ahead of the Justice Commission of the Senate and Senators of Ncd have abandoned jobs in protest. And then the leader of the new centre right Maurizio Sacconi has threatened to resign if there will be a clarification. The rule, contained in the Bill known as divorce soon, predicts that there will be the dissolution or termination of the civil effects of marriage if requested by both spouses, with joint action, even in the absence of legal separation. Immediate divorce will be possible only in cases where there are minor children, incapacitated adults or children with disabilities or children under the age of 26 years economically dependent. The go-ahead this rule has, in fact, split the majority and created rifts within individual groups. NCD voted against and then gave up the work of the Committee. In Italy there were three different grades: Caliendo did not take part in the vote, Malan said no, and Falanga said he was in favour. Even the Democratic Party, however, had its distinction, with Cucca which expressed itself against the immediate divorce. For they voted for Enrico Buemi of Psi, the five stars and the rest of the Dem. No League. The Government, represented by the Deputy Minister of Justice, Enrico Costa (Ncd), it is returned to the Commission. In my start-he said Coast-this was a rule which would reflect much more. For his part, Sacconi asked forcefully clarification within the majority: Serious even tonight the combination of a large part of the Group of Pd and M5S on reform of divorce that exclude adequate safeguards in the case of spouses with children. Justicialism and secularism are the sum of a majority in the Committee on justice that abnormal at this point requires a robust political clarification. The new Center with its three components was firm in defense of the policy that the elementary rights of children are before the desires of adults. In recent days had threatened resignation in case of abnormal majorities. As far as I am concerned I am not prepared to bear the parent function. The themes of Justice and of the ethical basis of the nation are more than politicians. Or is there an explanation or as far as I’m concerned I leave. Visibly annoyed even Carlo Giovanardi: On divorce and separation is now a hodgepodge of rules. And in this confusion we asked that there was a greater weighting of this rule on divorce immediately. Instead they preferred to vote immediately and we said no, because it is absolutely fair to equate marriage with children or without. . Inspirational facts may be read clicking the following

Alps: six ski resorts open in advance.

Lovers of skiing will not have to wait any longer! As soon as this weekend, six stations of the Alps open part of their domain to skiers, some in advance, in order to take advantage of the recent snowfall. the station announced Wednesday morning the opening of the highest part of its ski area, which culminates at 2477 m, discounted. All of the slopes of the massif des Aravis, near Annecy, must be accessible to skiers beginning December 20. skiers can enjoy from this weekend of ‘exceptional snow conditions on more than 900 m of altitude change’, according to the station. The field of altitude of the station, located near the Italian border will then open continuously from November 29. another station ahead its schedule, it opens eight-track on its ski area of altitude and its glacier, which benefited from "significant snowfall in recent days", according to a statement. Station of Oisans, which was to open on 6 December, reported 15 cm of snow in station (1860 m) and 1.50 m atop the ski area (3300 m). This very posh resort for free open two runs Saturday on 900 m of altitude change. The official launch of the season is scheduled on December 6. the highest station in Europe (2300 m) open, as expected of long-standing, 15 tracks as early as Saturday or 20% of its ski area. "The snowpack is 40 cm to 2300 m and 60 cm at an altitude of 3200 m," argues the station. the glacier is accessible to skiers since October 4 but the double track M will open Saturday is "1400 m of vertical drop down without moderation", according to a spokesman. No opening of station was however announced in the Vosges, Jura, Massif central and the Pyrenees, due to lack of snow. "Only Angles (Pyrénées-Orientales) station was scheduled to open this Saturday but gentle temperature affect it," said the Director of the Pyrenean Confederation of tourism, Jean Canal. Last winter, the France blurted out, for the benefit of the United States, its place of first world destination for skiing, with a decline of 4.5% of the lights tracks attendance. . Extended info can be found clicking weblink.

Of the top hat to the bonnet, decryption of retirees hat.

Nearly 90. 000 French are currently benefiting from retirees hat, these additions to retirement that are added to certain executives, officers and agents, to the compulsory scheme and the supplementary scheme. 44 of 60 major French companies to distribute, but they are 11. 000 in total to use the system. Can this device be regarded as exceptional?  Obs reviewed the various forms of pensions hat, of the top hat to the better off, in the bonnet for the less spoiled. Unlike the ideas received, only 15 per cent of beneficiaries, affect more than 7. 000 euros per year, according to a 2009 report of the Directorate of research, studies, evaluation and statistics (Drees).   And these are the cases that are scandal, says Vincent Giret, journaliste au Monde, Wednesday 19 November on France Info. Symbols are important in economics. Today, the French problem is a problem of confidence in the future and at the same time of equity, equality. They make considerable efforts and do not understand, quite rightly, that a number of leaders sugar at the crossing, regardless of even their own business results. . For more data about this topic read article.

The cut of 150 million euros for the transfer of resources from the Canon was decided by the Government last spring with the income tax Act, together with the go-ahead to listing of Rai Way. The hypothesis of an appeal was widely discussed in the Board of Directors, and were asked to professor Enzo Cheli, Constitutionalist and former Chairman of AgCom, an opinion on the existence of costituzionalit elements of the decree and whether strict liability of the directors. Opinion that does not lead to a decision in the Council, right up to today’s agenda. Against cutting have already appealed to the Tar of Lazio Federconsumatori, Adusbef, Slc Uilcom Cgil and Uil. Luisa Todini has resigned from the Board of Directors of Rai after a clash within the Council on the subject of the appeal. Luisa Todini, elected to the Council in 2012 at high altitude Northern League-Pdl, had already long announced his intention to resign from the Board of Directors of Rai, after his appointment as Chairman of the post office. Two days ago, in response to the Chairman of the Board of supervisors Rai, Robert Fico, who asked to resign because of the double assignment, had confirmed to ANSA to leave by the autumn and be left in the Rai to conclude the important commitment of Rai Way, that quotation is going exceptionally well, and for setting the budget 2013 and 2014 budget. How to double compensation, Todini had added it would disclose the list of liberalit made with the portion of salary received from Councilman Rai. . You can read this web site to discover extra regarding this great matter.

New look for police cars, mark the tricolour (pictured).

The State police car change look. Was presented today at the higher school of Police of Rome in Via Pier della Francesca 3 the new livery of the State police car. Unlike the past, the traditional blue and white colours are separated by a gang with the Italian tricolour that fades to the middle of the side. Was also renewed the logo of r. p. c. (Crime Prevention Departments). The cars are equipped with devices that allow you to carry out investigations directly on people stopped on the street and shoot and transmit images of Operating Room scenario in which operators are involved. This allows you to provide more precise and detailed information for the management of assistance from the operations center. Initially the new look will be adopted on 198 cars that will be allocated to Preventing Crime in Milan, Turin, Genoa, Padua, Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Florence, Pescara, Perugia, Rome, Naples, Bari, Lecce, Potenza, Cosenza, Vibo Valentia, Siderno, Palermo, Catania, Positano-Positano. . You must read this homepage to learn more on this great matter.

Jean-Marie Defossé.

The broad involvement and complicity of the Catholic Church Roman in the 2nd World War (and all past wars) is now an open secret for all, knowing that many of Nazi criminals were hidden in monasteries french before being sent discreetly in various countries of South America to finish their life flowing from the happy days. It would have been surprising that this Catholic religious hierarchical pseudo-representation is not yet a heavy responsibility in the international doldrums current, although heard with some other hierarchies of the same type and the same inspirations,. inspirations much more manipulative and hegemonic and divine! Unfortunately the facts are there and the evidence mounts. For my part, I have strictly no a priori against beliefs and religions,. If they do not become weapons for use against peoples to better exploit. Today, the Catholic religion in its hierarchies, did never actually amends its heavy past predatory; She just dusting varnish completely covering it for centuries. . Additional text can be found visiting blog.

Renzi wants too many regions, Commissioner of health costs. The plan.

By Alberto Maggi (@AlbertoMaggi74) not a day goes by without a torpedo of the President of the Council to the regions. Before the law of stability with the cut by 4 billion of transfers and then the charges for bad weather. In short, after the alleged cancellation of Matteo Renzi provinces put targeted regions. So much so that in the palaces of power we speak insistently of a measure which the Government could take short for Commissioner of those local authorities who do not have accounts in order and that, especially on health care, are unable to contain expenses. Concerned in particular the southern regions but also the Liguria, protagonist of a clash with Roma on the damage of bad weather brought forward by its Governor Burlando. The Prime Minister would have already spoken with his closest collaborators and apparently does not wish to see political color and wants to intervene even if it’s PD.-led administrations But it doesn’t stop there. Another glaring indiscretion tells of an intervention project on the constitutional reform bill, to Parliament, to further decrease the powers and compotenze regions. That, in fact, become little more than administrative entities and therefore without legislative authority. To deal with the blitz would be Woods Minister committed to redrawing the title V of the Constitution. Agree on this point all centrists of the majority but also a good slice of Italy and Force 5 Star movement. Not only. The political objective of Renzi would also remove weight in Lombardy and Veneto, Northern League led by Maroni and Zaia (the latter in the odor of re-election) because it considered too in opposition than in power centrale dello Stato. . For additional information regarding this topic click site.

Competition for doctors: specialists propose Beppe Severgnini Minister of education.

After writing my last post about the inadequacy of the current Education Minister, Stefania Giannini, for the lack of surveillance of the consortium that has organized and managed the competition, many young doctors who attended I have written confirming all the circumstances which I narrated and adding even more striking details that should be taken into account. Of course they are opposite those opinion that skill, luck or something else, they reached the score. And to think that the residents are "used" not to take those doctors needed to operate the University eye clinics with doctors out. Italians dixit and was right on every point. The Minister was "copy" putting into practice the suggestions, but obviously is not even capable of doing that. Often say that the perception of control decreases the risk of abuse. Why words are most successful in as this case. It seems to have completely missed the control Minister Gandhi? "Reject" the Minister of education, universities and research Stefania Giannini and offer group, along with all the young gentlemen doctors involved in this travesty, to replace with more italians degli italiani: Beppe Severgnini. . Main data can be read reading the following hyperlink.

Tax cuts and expenditures accounting between the folds.

Some say the Government is not doing what he had promised to reduce taxes and spending. The thesis is unique given the substantial amount of four main measures implemented: confirmation of 80 euro bonus, elimination of Irap on indefinite contracts, the three-year decontribuzione for young people and the new regime facilitated for minimums. It is true that the reading of the budget documents is complex and this year presents ambiguity that it is useful to clarify. The first question concerns the bonus income tax accounting as increased spending, rather than minor entry. This is inclusive of 10 billion ‘ baby bonus ‘. When the Minister Padoan says that the tax burden will decline slightly, from 43.3% in 2014 to 43.2 in 2015, refers to accounting data and not substantive. In the bonus there is a small component, estimated at no more than 10%, which may perhaps be considered greater spending. Is the portion of the bonus that goes to the taxpayers ‘ incapienti partials», those who stood just above the threshold of no-tax area have a tax debt of less than EUR 960. They become beneficiaries of a negative income tax. For Eurostat, this component must be considered greater expense and despite being in the minority is absorbing: causes the entire measure is considered greater spending. A second question concerns the safeguard clauses. Some see the higher taxes that it would achieve in 2016 and 2017 in case you make the spending cuts on which points the Government but do not see that these same spending cuts to overcome the safeguard clause 3 billion that had been scheduled for 2015 by the stability law last year. If you want to consider the conservatively clauses to 2016 and 2017 as higher taxes, you may not consider as minors imposed the 3 billion that we are spared in 2015. Thinking in this way, as does the Bank of Italy in the hearing of the November 3 Federico Signorini, you get tax reductions for 8.5 billion, net of income tax bonus. Adding the 10 billion of bonuses you get beyond the figure that the Prime Minister had announced in the October 15 slides. There are only reductions in taxes. There are also increases, which the Bank of Italy a total of 7.5 billion figure. Of these, however, a good portion is represented by measures which do not qualify as tax increases: a precise measures of contrast) to escape (at least 3.3 billion for measures such as accounting, split payment reversal and effects of precompiled statements on business subjects only), b) tax advances for voluntary revaluations and withholding taxes (for 1.1 billion), c) fiscal feedback from higher expenses (eg. 485 million connected to the school) and d plan) subjection to the General rules of the games dealers not providers (900 million). Remains little more than a billion of tax increases affecting mainly pension funds, the Tfr taxed at marginal rate, the life insurance policies, the loss of the tax privilege they enjoyed the foundations. There is also the return of the values of the rate of Irap 2013. Of these measures is discussed these days in Parliament. It is evident that there are tax cuts and are consistent. As for spending cuts, they are exactly what is necessary and sufficient to give tax cuts to cover, taking into account the increase in the deficit from 2.2 to 2.6%, as well as some spending increases, which is always possible, but not easy, to object such as: 1.5 billion to social shock absorbers, 1 billion for the school plan, 2.2 billion more capital expenditures, represented mainly by the loosening of the stability and Growth Pact and by the tax credit for research, and 3.7 billion related to the transition from the criterion of ‘ existing legislation ‘ to that of ‘ unchanged policy ‘, in other words, the fact that this year it was decided to clarify in the budget and to finance those costs from the outset-such as the missions abroad-which in the past were financed during the year. Giampaolo Galli is a member of the Democratic Party. For additional facts on this matter click

Gian Paolo Barbieri: Italian fashion glamour on display in Singapore.

Milan Image Art Fair presents the first art exhibition in Singapore dedicated to photography with 120 emerging and established artists including Gian Paolo Barbieri, 1938 class, original milanese in Rome to land initially in the world of cinema, forming at the legendary Cinecitta studios in the years ‘ 60. To keep photographing the starlette emerging, but not for long. Life takes him elsewhere in Paris, working as a photographer’s Assistant Tom Kublin, an experience that tosses it in the world of photography and in 1965 he does get into drafting an Italian "Vogue", making the cover of the first issue. His work on Italian, French, American and German Vogue it does cooperate with designers like Valentino, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. Considered one of the best international fashion photographers, with a sublime aesthetic taste, in time went in other directions, photographing the tropical paradises of Tahiti, Madagascar, Seychelles, Polynesia and places and distant reality, succeeding with her impeccable taste to combine the spontaneity of the people the wonder of landscapes. His photographs are on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, at Kunst in Vienna and the National Portrait Gallery in London. All images Courtesy 29 Arts in Progress. In Audrey Hepburn picture photographed for Valentino, Vogue Italy, Rome 1969. . For more facts on this matter check fact.